Contribution to the Annual Sectoral Debate Hon. Natalie Neita-Headley, MP

first_imgJamaica’s Sport Policy and Sport for Development, Growth and Equity Fuelling Sporting Success for Future DevelopmentSalutations and Thanks:Mr. Speaker, I remain eternally grateful to the Almighty for everlasting grace and mercy. The constituents of St. Catherine North Central are responsible for my continued presence in this Honourable House to serve my country at the highest level. To them, I owe a debt of gratitude. They are my source of inspiration in the unyielding demands of public service.I believe that we were placed here Mr. Speaker, not only as an expression of our desires and aspirations but that some attributes make one prepared for the tremendous sacrifice demanded of the people’s representative.Mr. Speaker, each year we thank our families for understanding even when they don’t. With the changing fortunes of public service, my family remains a source of stability. My two girls bear the true burden of my decision to serve and I am thankful for their unending support and love. My beautiful girls, Morgan and Sidney, I pray that one day you will forgive me for missing so much. To my younger daughter Morgan who is now doing CSEC exams, I apologise for my inability to give more to the process, I am however confident that you will do well; you were properly prepared at the greatest secondary institution located at Monk Street in Spanish Town.I thank the most Honourable Prime Minister for her continued confidence in my capacity to carry responsibilities for a portfolio she has made her own.I thank my colleagues, in and out of politics, on both sides of the aisle for their support and guidance. I am strengthened by your solidarity.I wish to express my sincerest thanks to people of North Central St. Catherine who increased their support at the polls in December 2011. Your confidence in me will never be taken for granted. To my supportive Councillors, Executive Members, Cluster Managers, Office Staff, Head of CBO’s, Church and School family many of whom are here today in support I say thank you.Mr. Speaker, the diverse constituency of North Central St. Catherine is presented with many challenges through which I steadily work in a quest to achieve a better quality of life for its residents.Mr. Speaker, after some three years without the precious commodity, water supply was returned to Sligoville. The Government of China has assisted in providing eight new pumps at a value of some fifty million dollars. I thank the government and people of China for this gift. Water will return to the people of Richard Hall and Mt. Dawson after 16 years without this special commodity. Funds have now been approved for a rehabilitation of that system through the combined efforts of the NWC and Rural Water Supply. Project design works have now been completed and OUR approvals already received. We now await the tender process for the commencement of construction works on that system….READ MOREDownload Contribution to the Annual Sectoral Debate Hon. Natalie Neita-Headley, MPADlast_img read more