UHSRA Final Results

first_img Written by FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailHURRICANE, Utah-Saturday morning at the Washington County Fairgrounds of Hurricane, the final events in the Utah High School Rodeo Association occurred.The first place finisher in each event is the state champion with the top four finishers qualifying for the high school rodeo nationals at Guthrie, Okla. July 17-23, 2020.West Millard’s Maryn Moody is the girls all-around champion. She netted 331.50 points. She punctuated this by placing first in the girls’ pole-bending championships with 147 points.Other first-place finishers included, Juab’s Braylee Shepherd (132.50 points) in girls breakaway roping and her teammate, Wade Stansfield (140 points) in the High School Saddle Bronc Event.Others representing the Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network to qualify included Jake Tree of Sanpete County, who placed third in boys cutting, Riley Howell of Panguitch, a third-place finisher in the boys high school bareback and Juab’s Jade Rindlisbacher in the girls’ high school barrel racing as she finished second.Stran Nielson of Juab placed third in high school bull riding, to also qualify. His teammate, Wyatt Crandall, placed third in the boys’ high school tiedown roping with 111 points.The boys’ all-around winner was Dean Thompson of Uintah Basin, who netted 412 points.In the girls’ all-around results, the Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network was also represented by Juab’s Jade Rindlisbacher (2nd; 291 points), Skylee Draper of Juab (10th; 211.50 points), Braylee Shepherd of Juab (14th; 174.5 points), Juab’s Sierra Terry (28th; 111 points), Hinklie Davis of Juab (49th; 44 points), Sanpete’s Annie Okelberry (51st; 41 points), Addyson Brown of Sevier (56th; 33 points), West Millard’s Gracie Peterson (57th; 33 points), Juab’s Brylee Allan (69th; 21 points), Juab’s Jaycee Fowkes (82nd place; 13 points), Taylie Adams of Sevier (87th; 10 points), Juab’s Kylee Carter (91st; 9 points), Sevier’s Brecklynn Buchanan (93rd; 7 points), Allie Beckstead of Panguitch (99th; 4 points), Lyndzee Huffaker of Sanpete (100th; 4 points), Lindsey Orton of Juab (106th; 3.5 points) and Juab’s Grace Kalmar (107th; 3.5 points).Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network representation in the boys’ all-around results came from the following:6th place-Wyatt Crandall, Juab (238 points)11th place-Wade Stansfield, Juab (176 points)16th place-Stran Nielson, Juab (151.50 points)18th place-Jake Tree, Sanpete (137.50 points)29th place-Bridger Crandall, Juab (100 points)32nd place-Brandon Youd, Juab (92 points)39th place-Kesler Riding, Juab (84 points)40th place-Riley Howell, Panguitch (82 points)45th place-Bill Henry, West Millard (75 points)47th place-Cooper Jacobs, Juab (73.5 points)48th place-McCrae Fillmore, Panguitch (72 points)52nd place-Colton Lloyd, Juab (63 points)58th place-Trey Taylor, Sevier (49.5 points)64th place-Riley Oberg, Sanpete (41 points)79th place-Zane Monnett, Panguitch (27.5 points)80th place-Wylie Thatcher, West Millard (26.5 points)83rd place-Colt Ekker, Sevier (24 points)85th place-Wyatt Rindlisbacher, Juab (22 points)89th place-Jake Woodard, Juab (21 points)95th place-Kysen Stephensen, Juab (19 points)104th place-McLane Leibbrandt, Panguitch (15 points)105th place-Karsen Cloward, Juab (14 points)109th place-Lane Henry, West Millard (12 points)114th place-Cade Denton, Sanpete (10 points)118th place-Brodey Boyden, West Millard (9 points)119th place-Dayden Johnson, West Millard (9 points)124th place-Tye Phillips, Panguitch (5.5 points)125th place-Lincoln Porter, Panguitch (5.5 points)128th place-Nash Jensen, Panguitch (5 points)131st place-Gavyn Bond, West Millard (5 points)137th place-McKade Petersen, West Millard (2 points)Full Qualifying ResultsBoys CuttingState Champion: Porter Hales, Morgan-148.50 points2nd place-Gage Penrod, Southern Utah County-135.50 points3rd place-Jake Tree, Sanpete-112.50 points4th place-Jackson Woolsey, Morgan 102-50 pointsGirls CuttingState Champion: Sommer Amos, Uintah Basin-143 points2nd place-Abbi Bowthorpe, Wasatch-133.50 points3rd place-Sydney Davis, Uintah Basin-120.50 points4th place-Taylor Porter, Morgan-114 pointsHigh School Bareback (Boys)State Champion: Dean Thompson, Uintah Basin-150 points2nd place-Kayson Jensen, Emery-122.50 points3rd place-Riley Howell, Panguitch-82 pointsHigh School Barrel Racing (Girls)State Champion: Macee McAllister, Dixie-149 points2nd place-Jade Rindlisbacher, Juab-125 points3rd place-Kiara Elegante, Lehi-107 points4th place-Kamryn Carlsen, Sevier-101 pointsHigh School Breakaway Roping (Girls)State Champion: Braylee Shepherd, Juab-132.50 points2nd place-Sammy Taylor, Uintah Basin-97 points3rd place-Kash Gay, Spikers-97 points4th place-Mesa Martin, Spikers-85.5 pointsHigh School Bull Riding (Boys)State Champion: Brek Sanderson, Cedar-128.50 points2nd place-Dean Thompson, Uintah Basin-120 points3rd place-Stran Nielson, Juab-96.5 points4th place-Waylen Daley, Wasatch-86.5 pointsHigh School Goat Tying (Girls)State Champion: Amy Mason, Enterprise-133 points2nd place-Staheli Adams, Cedar-121 points3rd place-Hailey Humphrey, Southern Utah County-106 points4th place-Sammy Taylor, Uintah Basin-106 pointsHigh School Pole Bending (Girls)State Champion: Marynn Moody, West Millard-147 points2nd place-Kindra Thurgood, Spikers-130 points3rd place-Kate Torgerson, Lehi-111 points4th place-Jade Rindlisbacher, Juab-105 pointsHigh School Saddle Bronc (Boys)State Champion: Wade Stansfield, Juab (140 points)2nd place-Connor Lisonbee, Uintah Basin (70 points)3rd place-Korby Christiansen, Emery (60 points)4th place-Byron Christiansen, Emery (53 points)High School Steer Wrestling (Boys)State Champion: Cash Robb, Uintah Basin (147 points)2nd place-Brek Sanderson, Cedar (125 points)3rd place-Joey Dansie, Lehi (110 points)4th place-Dean Thompson, Uintah Basin (102 points)High School Team Roping (Boys)State Champion: Chase Webster, South Summit (132 points)2nd place-Zackery Lewis, South Summit (132 points)3rd place-TJ Bowler, Enterprise (121 points)4th place-Blake Bowler, Enterprise (121 points)High School Tiedown Roping (Boys)State Champion: Range Martin, Spikers (139 points)2nd place-Chase Webster, South Summit (129 points)3rd place-Wyatt Crandall, Juab (111 points)4th place-Drake Wycherley, Spikers (105 points)Queen ContestState Champion: Dalli Holyoak, Dixie (37 points)2nd place-Emma Howell, Spikers (34 points)3rd place-Hadlee Noble, Spikers (31 points)4th place-Lindsey Ivie, Southern Utah County (25 points)Reined Cow Horse (Co-Ed)State Champion: Sydney Davis, Uintah (106 points)2nd place-Porter Hales, Morgan (95 points)3rd place-Cheyenne Tedford, Spikers (90 points)4th place-Karissa World, Wasatch (79.5 points)Rifle Shoot (Boys)State Champion: Beau Emett, Enterprise (100 points)2nd place-Curry Wilkins, Dixie (92 points)3rd place-Kagen Rhodes, Carbon (81 points)4th place-Melroy Vigoren, Dixie (79 points)Trap Shoot (Boys)State Champion: Caden Bowcutt, Bear River (120 points)2nd place-Kagen Rhodes, Carbon (114 points)3rd place-Ruger Payne, Emery (107.5 points)4th place-Parker Fillmore, Southern Utah County (102.5 points) Tags: Rodeo June 15, 2020 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