Vote of confidence at 2017 election results

first_imgSincerely,Albert J. Cupo Dear Editor:The recent municipal election in Jersey City has given the current administration a clear mandate to govern for the next four years. Indeed, the result of the 2017 election has demonstrated a strong, overwhelming vote of confidence for the incumbent’s administration. A decisive victory at the polls, however, should not – should never – equate to the city’s chief executive being handed a “carte blanche council.“A “partisan council” detracts from a fundamental principle of government; specifically, checks and balances. Run-off elections for seats on the city’s council will take place on December 5. I firmly believe that Richard Boggiano, Councilman, Ward B should be re-elected to another four year term. Richard Boggiano is a trusted, independent voice on the city’s council. He has proven himself to be extremely capable of bringing the people together. Richard Boggiano unites people. He truly is the independent “voice of the people” on Jersey City’s council. Richard Boggiano is a 40-year resident of Jersey City.Throughout his life in Jersey City, Rich has worked extremely hard for the benefit of the people and the betterment of Jersey City. He has served Jersey City as a police officer for 37 years. He also has served as President of the Hilltop Neighborhood Association for 30 years. He still serves Jersey City as an endearing, independent voice on the city’s council. Richard Boggiano only has one interest, and that is to serve the people of Jersey City. We need Rich’s sagacious, independent voice to continue within the council’s chambers. Richard Boggiano’s work ethic, credentials, and integrity are impeccable. Richard Boggiano is the right person to get the job done! last_img read more

Šibenik the most successful destination in the county – awards were given to 22 tourist entities in Šibenik-Knin County

first_imgŽeljana Šikić, director of the county tourist board, emphasized that at this moment this destination is really living its dream in the tourist context. The city of Šibenik continues its continuous growth in tourism. Recall that this city after the collapse of large factories in the mid-nineties had only one option – to turn to tourism. After years of investing in tourism, Šibenik has become a recognizable tourist destination. “This recognition means a lot to us because this is our first real year-round season. We are glad to be recognized in our local community for our results this year. The results are above our expectations, and the announcements for next year tell us that it will be even better, ” said Magda Lakoš Mioč, director of the Bellevue Hotel. “It does not mean that we have reached the final peaks and that we should enjoy the laurels. In terms of tourism, we are developing in enviable dynamics and, more importantly, in the right direction. For this we must thank the decision makers who visionarily and purposefully manage the development of destinations and do not allow tourism to happen to us by accident, but also all the valuable initiatives, individuals, entrepreneurs and creatives who also contribute. That is why we have a destination that they watch from the sidelines and with admiration from some other destinations that are stronger in terms of tourism than ourselves ” concluded Šikić. On this occasion, Mayor Goran Pauk emphasized that all successes in tourism are made by people who give one personal component to everyone who comes to this county, and thus provide guests with the unique thing that this region has to offer. Winners of the Golden Bowl for 2019. “We especially like this award because we all know that Šibenik practically did not have a strong tourist sign until five or six years ago. We managed to turn that story around in relation to our competitors in the county. Together we will be as strong as the center of the county. Croatia will soon take over the presidency of the Council of Europe, and Šibenik is one of the five cities in Croatia that is ready to receive these guests as a tourist, ” pointed out the mayor of Šibenik Željko Burić. Recognition City of Šibenik – najuspješnija turistička destinacija 2019.Recognition City of Drniš – the most successful green destination 2019.Recognition of the Project “For Zlarin without plastic” – contribution to the brand of a sustainable tourism destinationRecognition to the Knin Museum – Knin Fortress – a contribution to the cultural offer and heritage preservationRecognition to the Croatian Travelers Club Travel Agency– doprinos turističkoj ponudi kreativnim agencijskim programimaRecognition to the Travel Agency ActiveDestination – doprinos i promociju aktivnog turizmaPriznanje Apartmani Mara &EnchantingApartment – Zajc family – promotion in family accommodation 2019Recognition of marinas D -Marin Mandalina – doprinos razvoju nautičkog turizmaRecognition of taverns Prslika – doprinos razvoju i promociji autohtone gastro ponudeRecognition restaurant Tri piruna – gastro ponuda 2019.Recognition Jurlin’s court – doprinos turističkoj ponudi selektivnih oblika turizmaRecognition Hotel Scala – mali obiteljski hotel 2019.Recognition Hotel Bellevue -family hotel 2019Recognition camp Rehut – mali kamp 2019.Recognition Zoran Jajac – chef godine 2019.Recognition Tina Biluš – turistički vodič 2019.Recognition Željko Krnčević – contribution to the improvement of the development of cultural tourismRecognition Sailing Club Val – contribution to the nautical destination brandRecognition Interpretation Center of the Cathedral of St. Jacob Civita sacra – Palača Galbiani – inovacija godineRecognition of the event “Festival days”- promotion of traditional dishes and foods interpreted in top gastronomyChocolate Bagatin Award – TUŠ – suvenir godine 2019.Recognition of the event “Lightislife”- event of the year 2019 22 Golden Boules, awards of the Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board, were awarded to those deserving of tourism in 2019 at the Civitas Sacra Cathedral Museum, and the city of Šibenik was declared the most successful tourist destination in this county. Among the winners is the family hotel Bellevue in Šibenik, behind which is the first season of work. “Zato i imamo ovu nagradu, da pokažemo ljudima koji se trude da taj trud i prepoznajemo” said Spider.last_img read more