Forget Stimulants Doppel Wearable Alters Your Mood With a Few Taps

first_imgStay on target We all have a bit of anxiety bubbling up inside. But we don’t all have time to meditate, exercise, or sometimes even just remember to breathe.So, a London startup created a new wearable that helps users naturally stay alert or calm down—in real time.Doppel (name of the company and the device) looks like a deconstructed smartwatch. But rather than tell you who’s calling, when to leave for work, or even what time it is, this wearable can actually change your mood.Situated on the inside of your wrist and synced with a companion app, the gadget emits a vibration that mimics a heartbeat.via doppelSimply tap or stroke it to regulate the rhythm: faster makes you more alert, slower calms you down. Your brain then naturally responds to the cadence to alter your mood.But unlike music and other stimulants (caffeine) or depressants (sleep aids), doppel allows you to set your own pace, whether you need to pep up before a long meeting or wind down at the end of the day.“We’ve all wanted or needed to change how we feel at some point,” doppel CEO Fotini Markopoulou said in a statement. “We created doppel as a way to give you control, by tapping into something you have naturally—a mind/body connection—in a customized yet manageable way.”The empathetic wearable is relatively easy to use if you can remember all the moves. Stroke three times to switch to a low rhythm, double tap for high; sweep once around the rim to adjust the intensity—clockwise increases, anti-clockwise decreases.via doppelThe folks at doppel were inspired by research highlighting how humans respond to different rhythms. The tempo of a song, for instance, can naturally reshape our breathing and heart rate. And the heartbeats of a mother and her baby will synchronize when they interact closely.“By affecting your brain’s perception of your heart rate, doppel changes how you feel,” according to the product website. “Doppel uses the most natural rhythm that exists, the one we all experience first as embryos, and it does this silently, and subtly.”Don’t believe it? Check out new data published last week in Scientific Reports. Or pre-order your own doppel for £125 ($161).Available in white or black with a straight or tapered strap, the wearable is expected to ship to the US, Canada, and Europe this summer. Next-Gen Google Glass Wearable Ready For BusinessCan Smart PJs Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep? last_img read more