Judge remind jury of responsibilities

first_imgPicture boy trial…closing arguments submitted As the third trial for double-murder accused Cyon “Picture Boy” Collier comes closer to its end, Justice Priya Sewnarine-Beharry reminded the jury of their responsibilities in the trial while State Prosecutor Tuanna Hardy and Defence Attorney Lyndon Amsterdam presented their closing address on Friday at the Demerara Assizes.Dead: Ray WalcottDead: Carl AndrewsCyon “Picture Boy” CollierIt is alleged Collier murdered two brothers, Ray Walcott, called ‘Sugar’, and his younger brother Carl Andrews, called ‘Alo’ in Victoria, East Coast Demerara, in 2006.Justice Sewnarine-Beharry reminded the 12-member jury that it was an offence to obstruct the course of justice, which is punishable by imprisonment, and urged the jury not to be in contact with any member of the family of the accused or others involved in the trial.Amsterdam, in his address refreshed the memory of the court that throughout the trial, there would have been “a long list” of discrepancies and conflicting stories among witnesses.Some of which he highlighted were issues of whether Collier was taken to the vehicle or underneath the house, or if the guys were drinking or not on the night of the killings.In addition to those ‘conflicting stories’ the defence counsel informed the jury that the accused has a presumption of innocence and it was up to the state to prove ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ that Collier had committed the act.He closed by urging the jury to uphold the standards of fairness and equality while keeping an open mind when assessing the matter.State Prosecutor Hardy also informed the jury of what is expected for the state to prove in order to meet the standard of proof. She indicated that it was her responsibility to prove that the death occurred within a day and a year and was a result of injuries inflicted by the accused while the accused would have the intention to kill or inflict bodily harm.She pointed out that she had proven those criteria by providing evidence to support her position. The post mortem report indicated that the brothers died of gunshot wounds and were buried less than a month after their death.She went on to say that witnesses identified Collier as the man who pointed and fired the fatal shots at the brothers. While it was impossible to read people’s minds, pointing a lethal weapon with ammunition therein could be presumed to be with intent.Hardy further informed the jury that they should not be sidetracked by facts suggesting mere procedural inquires such as what was the accused wearing or whether they were drinking but focus on key points like the brothers were shot and killed, persons who had known the accused for years identified him as the shooter and the accused was found with guns.Collier is accused of murdering the two brothers in Victoria Village, ECD on September 23, 2006.Reports are a group of young men were playing dominoes at the Victoria four-corner when the two brothers were allegedly shot by the accused who rode up on a motorcycle.The brothers were rushed to hospital but were pronounced dead on arrival.The trial continues on Tuesday.last_img read more