Library opens modern technology research center

first_imgThe Center for Digital Scholarship (CDS) welcomed visitors at its opening reception Nov. 1 at Hesburgh Library to introduce the latest technology for scholarship of all disciplines. At the reception, students, faculty and the community gathered in different stations of the CDS, where support technicians presented a variety of the services, workshops and expertise available. Located in the northeast corner of the Hesburgh Library first floor, the CDS was conceived as part of Hesburgh Library’s strategic planning process to improve library resources, Edward H. Arnold University librarian Diane Parr Walker said. “One of our strategic goals is to expand digital programs and services in support of both research and teaching,” Walker said. “We realized that there currently didn’t seem to be one easy-to-find place on campus where both students and faculty could go to get started with leveraging digital tools and technologies. We thought that the Library could be a natural ‘research hub’ for campus, offering digital library expertise and referral services.” As part of the 50-year commemoration of Hesburgh Library. the CDS both maintains and furthers University President Emeritus Fr. Theodore Hesburgh’s original vision of creating an accessible space for the university community to advance scholarship, Walker said. “Fr. Hesburgh’s original vision for the Hesburgh Library building (then called Memorial Library) was that it would be the academic heart of the University and be clearly seen as a symbol of academic excellence,” Walker said. “In this digital age, advanced intellectual work will increasingly require the ability to use digital tools to thrive and contribute to the creation of new knowledge. The CDS will ensure that the Hesburgh Libraries will continue to be the academic heart of the University for the next 50 years and beyond as a place where students and faculty can find expertise and digital tools that will help them achieve academic excellence.” While the new digital resources will transform traditional methods of research, Walker said the CDS would succeed in meeting the technological needs of the 21st century. “The work of the Center is changing how we use our library spaces and what expertise and services we offer our faculty,” Walker said. “Already, it is revolutionizing how we work together to advance teaching, research and scholarship. Knowledge creation in the 21st century demands access to state-of-the-art technology, advanced research expertise and digital library services.” Innovative research technologies will also improve upon scholarship techniques of the past, Walker said. “Traditional methods of scholarship would require physically looking through many books and publications,” Walker said. “Depending on how thorough you wanted to be, you could spend weeks or months exploring an answer to just one of many questions. With digital tools for text mining and analysis, and the millions of books that have been digitized from libraries around the world by projects like Google Books and the Internet Archive Project, you can search hundreds or thousands of publications very quickly to get that same answer.” Elliot Visconsi, Chief Academic Digital Officer and Associate Professor of English, said that the CDS will ultimately offer new opportunities to better aid the university’s academic success. “The Center is a great gift to the faculty and students,” Visconsi said. “A question I hear a lot is one that goes like this: ‘I know there are amazing tools for research and teaching, but where do I begin?’ The Center is an answer to that question. The talented expert staff and the technical resources gathered here get students and faculty further into their work, unlocking our creativity, and giving our research new force and speed.”last_img read more

Batesville Summer Wrestling Camp

first_imgBatesville Wrestling is sponsoring a summer “Wrestling Camp”. The camp is open to athletes entering the 3rd – 8th Grade during the 2014-2015 school year.The camp will be conducted at the Batesville High School wrestling room.Batesville Summer Wrestling CampSubmitted by Batesville Wrestling Coach Chris Deal.last_img

Rust, Thornton hustle to $1,000 High Banks wins

first_imgJoel Rust put his name of the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot with his $1,000 IMCA Modified feature win on opening night of the season-opening Twin High Banks Hustle at Marshalltown Speedway. (Photo by Bruce Badgley, Motorsports Photography)MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa (April 26-27) – Joel Rust hustled his way to the $1,000 checkers Thursday night at Marshalltown Speedway.Ricky Thornton Jr. did the same on Friday.Rust and Thornton were IMCA Modified winners at Marshalltown’s season-opening Twin High Banks Hustle. While Thornton was already on the ballot, Rust’s victory made him vote eligible for the upcoming Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational.After drawing the outside pole, Rust had to hold off Hunter Marriott late in the contest. Ninth starting Tyler Droste, Tim Ward and Ethan Dotson completed the top five.Thornton went from last on Thursday to first in the Friday feature, leading every lap and winning ahead of Marriott, Cayden Carter, Kyle Brown and Richie Gustin.Damon Murty swept IMCA Sunoco Stock Car action, catching Jay Schmidt for the lead just before midway on opening night and then taking charge just after halfway and then checking out on night two.IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock winners were Shannon Anderson on Friday and Eric Stanton on Saturday.Jared VanDeest led from lap four to the finish of Friday’s Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod feature. Austin Luellen raced from 22nd to third that night, then won the caution-free Saturday show after taking the lead with nine laps left.Darrel DeFrance led every lap to score the Friday IMCA Late Model win.More than 150 race teams were in town for the windy weekend event.April 26 Feature ResultsModifieds – 1. Joel Rust; 2. Hunter Marriott; 3. Tyler Droste; 4. Tim Ward; 5. Ethan Dotson; 6. Kelly Shryock; 7. Jesse Dennis; 8. Ronn Lauritzen; 9. Johnny Whitman; 10. Nick Roberts; 11. Richie Gustin; 12. Jacob Murray; 13. Josh Most; 14. Kody Scholpp; 15. Todd Shute; 16. Cayden Carter; 17. Mike Mullen; 18. David Brown; 19. Josh Gilman; 20. Brian Mullen; 21. T.J. Smith; 22. Jimmy Gustin; 23. Scott Hogan; 24. Ricky Thornton Jr.Stock Cars – 1. Damon Murty; 2. Jeff Mueller; 3. Jay Schmidt; 4. Paul Shepherd; 5. Tyler Pickett; 6. Randy Brands; 7. Troy Jerovetz; 8. Austin Evens; 9. Kyle Everts; 10. Travis Van Straten; 11. Dave Atcher; 12. John Heinz; 13. Brian Mahlstedt; 14. Todd Inman; 15. Scott Rice; 16. Kellie Schmit; 17. Tom Cannon.Hobby Stocks – 1. Shannon Anderson; 2. Eric Stanton; 3. Eugene Nicklas; 4. Justin Wacha; 5. Keeran Sampson; 6. Garrett Eilander; 7. Leah Wroten; 8. Eric Knutson; 9. Kyle Sidles; 10. Travis Merical; 11. Jamie Coady; 12. Mitchell Thomas; 13. Craig Lovig; 14. Andy Peck; 15. Jeremiah Andrews; 16. Ben Newhouse; 17. Aaron Rudolph; 18. Kevin Derry; 19. Ryan Wells; 20. Justin Lovig; 21. Derrick Thran.Northern SportMods – 1. Jared VanDeest; 2. Brayton Carter; 3. Austin Luellen; 4. Dusty Masolini; 5. Sam Wieben; 6. Chase Rudolf; 7. Lucas Lamberies; 8. Ethan Braaksma; 9. Travis Storjohann; 10. Travis Peterson; 11. Thomas Egenberger; 12. Taylor Musselman; 13. Johnathon Logue; 14. Cory Rose; 15. Joey Schaefer; 16. Jami Ritter; 17. Ryan King; 18. Austin Schrage; 19. Jack Housley; 20. Ben Chapman; 21. Morris Schuler; 22. Tom Rawlins; 23. Bill Hildreth; 24. Jake McBirnie.April 27 Feature ResultsModifieds – 1. Thornton; 2. Marriott; 3. Carter; 4. Kyle Brown; 5. Richie Gustin; 6. Droste; 7. Jimmy Gustin; 8. Most; 9. Murray; 10. Shute; 11. Ward; 12. Darin Duffy; 13. Shryock; 14. Mike Mullen; 15. Eric Elliott; 16. Rust; 17. Dotson; 18. Jesse Dennis; 19. Scholpp; 20. Lauritzen; 21. Ron Ver Beek; 22. Hogan; 23. Whitman; 24. Roberts.Late Models – 1. Darrel DeFrance; 2. Todd Cooney; 3. Kyle Hinrichs; 4. Joe Zrostlik; 5. Richie Gustin; 6. Curt Schroeder; 7. Ben Seemann; 8. Curtis Glover; 9. Charlie Mckenna; 10. Kyle Krampe; 11. Shawn Cooney; 12. Randy Faux; 13. Jenna Johnson.Stock Cars – 1. Murty; 2. Brands; 3. Mueller; 4. Van Straten; 5. Schmidt; 6. Todd Reitzler; 7. Mahlstedt; 8. Shepherd; 9. Atcher; 10. Andrew Borchardt; 11. Steve Meyer; 12. Jerovetz; 13. Pickett; 14. Michael Jaennette; 15. Dan Mackenthun; 16. Jeff Wollam; 17. Curt Hook; 18. Everts; 19. Russell Damme Jr.; 20. Evens; 21. Scott Rice; 22. Inman; 23. Heinz; 24. Trent Murphy; 25. Cannon.Hobby Stocks – 1. Stanton; 2. David Rieks; 3. Anderson; 4. Chanse Hollatz; 5. Wroten; 6. Knutson; 7. Bradly Graham; 8. Ray Fees; 9. Wells; 10. Matt Olson; 11. Tyson Overton; 12. Merical; 13. Eilander; 14. Coady; 15. Matt Smith; 16. Jay Sidles; 17. Kyle Sidles; 18. Kevin Derry; 19. Brian Derry; 20. Luke Bird; 21. Newhouse; 22. Lovig; 23. Peck; 24. Andrews; 25. Dylan Nelson; 26. John Watson; 27. Thomas; 28. Shane Palmer.Northern SportMods – 1. Luellen; 2. Lamberies; 3. Carter; 4. Wieben; 5. Musselman; 6. Rudolf; 7. Egenberger; 8. Rose; 9. Doug Smith; 10. Logue; 11. McBirnie; 12. Schaefer; 13. Braaksma; 14. Hunter Longnecker; 15. VanDeest; 16. Masolini; 17. Kevin Bethke; 18. Tyler Inman; 19. Housley; 20. Schrage; 21. Curt Hilmer; 22. Storjohann; 23. Ritter; 24. D.J. Robinson.last_img read more

Toure wants coaching role – agent

first_img The Ivory Coast international seemed to express his unhappiness at the Etihad Stadium through Twitter on Tuesday after his agent Dimitry Seluk publicly claimed his client felt underappreciated and disrespected at City. Seluk suggested that one of Toure’s main gripes was the club’s failure to mark his 31st birthday last week. A video published by City last week in which Toure was presented with a birthday cake has since been widely circulated while many also pointed out that the club had tweeted a happy birthday message at the time. Seluk later clarified his remarks, saying that Toure was disappointed nobody from a senior position at the club wished him happy birthday. And on Thursday he added: “Of course some players congratulated him (on his birthday) but not the sporting director, not the general director, not the chairman, nobody. “(The manager?) No, nobody. “This is the question. If you don’t even congratulate the player or send flowers to his wife or mother – these are just small things.” Interestingly, one of Toure’s telling tweets from Tuesday, in which he backed Seluk, has now been deleted. Toure, when he performed his about-turn having initially appeared to contradict Seluk, tweeted: “Everything dimitry said is true. He speaks for me. I will give an interview after world cup to explain.” That message had been removed by Thursday morning. But in an interview with Sky Sports News broadcast on Thursday morning, the Ukrainian claimed Toure would be more than happy to stay should he be promised a coaching position or sporting director’s role beyond his retirement. Seluk said: “Of course. Like Real Madrid did with (Zinedine) Zidane for example. Zidane played then after that he started working for the club. “Yaya needs the club in the future. “We don’t want any more pounds, not a longer contract, nothing like this, only really attention. “More attention (paid) to Yaya and Yaya must feel happy at the club – that’s the main thing. “I’ll tell you one more time, we don’t need one more pound in the contract.” Toure initially appeared to contradict claims from Seluk that he could quit the club this summer after his outspoken agent claimed City had failed to celebrate his birthday adequately. But the player quickly backtracked and made statements in favour of his agent. Yaya Toure is not motivated by money but instead by the pursuit of a long-term technical role at Manchester City, according to his agent. Press Associationlast_img read more