Vote of confidence at 2017 election results

first_imgSincerely,Albert J. Cupo Dear Editor:The recent municipal election in Jersey City has given the current administration a clear mandate to govern for the next four years. Indeed, the result of the 2017 election has demonstrated a strong, overwhelming vote of confidence for the incumbent’s administration. A decisive victory at the polls, however, should not – should never – equate to the city’s chief executive being handed a “carte blanche council.“A “partisan council” detracts from a fundamental principle of government; specifically, checks and balances. Run-off elections for seats on the city’s council will take place on December 5. I firmly believe that Richard Boggiano, Councilman, Ward B should be re-elected to another four year term. Richard Boggiano is a trusted, independent voice on the city’s council. He has proven himself to be extremely capable of bringing the people together. Richard Boggiano unites people. He truly is the independent “voice of the people” on Jersey City’s council. Richard Boggiano is a 40-year resident of Jersey City.Throughout his life in Jersey City, Rich has worked extremely hard for the benefit of the people and the betterment of Jersey City. He has served Jersey City as a police officer for 37 years. He also has served as President of the Hilltop Neighborhood Association for 30 years. He still serves Jersey City as an endearing, independent voice on the city’s council. Richard Boggiano only has one interest, and that is to serve the people of Jersey City. We need Rich’s sagacious, independent voice to continue within the council’s chambers. Richard Boggiano’s work ethic, credentials, and integrity are impeccable. Richard Boggiano is the right person to get the job done! last_img read more