Everyone can play Diablo III this weekend

first_imgTo say that there’s a lot of anticipation in the run up to the launch of Diablo III is a bit of an understatement. When the game arrives on May 15, Blizzard will be hard pressed to keep up with demand, and with that in mind the developer wants to stress test the Battle.net servers.This coming weekend anyone can download and play a build of Diablo III as part of an open beta. Blizzard wants to throw as many players into the mix as possible and see how its back end copes. That could mean lots of downtime if they get it wrong, but the chance to play the game before release is sure to have thousands of gamers logging in.In order to play all you need is a valid Battle.net account, which you can sign up for today. The Diablo III client is already available to download with the game unlocking to play from 12:01pm PDT today. The open beta will end at 10am PDT on Monday, April 23.It seems as though open beta testers will have access to the same content closed beta testers have been playing with. The only real difference is a lack of access to the beta forums and no Beta Bucks for use in the auction house. Seeing as access is limited to just 3 days that shouldn’t be seen as a negative. It’s the content that counts for these 3 days.Blizzard isn’t promising a faultless experience, but then any bugs that do occur, even if they stop you playing, all help make for a smoother launch next month. So go get downloading the client and signing up for a Battle.net account. Then prepare to hopefully lose an entire weekend engrossed in Diablo III.Read more at Diablo Fanslast_img read more