Rousaud: “I think someone has reached into the box”

first_imgRousaud considers it highly suspicious that Bartomeu degrades and suggests the resignation of a series of people who make up the entity’s economic team. He noted that “I was on the awards commission. It controls payments of 200,000 euros a million and this I3 Ventures contract was split to bypass my commission. The audit is practically finished and the president knows what he is saying and that is one of the factors why he ignores us ”.The resigned vice president went further: “It also influences that the economic cut with the players in our opinion was insufficient in the face of the pandemic. But we expressed it in a meeting, it is in the minutes and we said it out of loyalty to the Club ”.He pointed out the data that “Three of the managers who were invited to leave are from the internal control committee. Elias, Tombas and Pont are from the economic commission. Four out of three. And Maria Teixidor is the secretary of the board that with Tombas and I are members of the Delegate, in addition to the transparency commission. ”Looking ahead, however, Rousaud is convinced that “Bartomeu is here to continue, he has reiterated it, I think it will continue until the end of the mandate.” The shock wave of the crisis in Barça is already uncontrollable after the recently resigned Emili Rousaud said at 10.29 am on Good Friday in RAC1 that “honestly, I think that in this case, someone has reached into the box. I don’t know at what level or if the president knew it, but it seems clear to me. ”Rousaud continues defending that the scandal of I3 Ventures with Social Networks is at the origin of the entire crisis. “The key is in the fragmentation of the invoices and the audit in this regard. We couldn’t look the other way. The audit had two parts, one to see if it was true that certain people were disqualified and the other the million euros that were paid, which remains to be seen if it is the real value. The president’s invitation to leave comes when the report is about to drop. The subject of Networks is dirty ”, said.last_img read more