Bruce Hornsby Returns To The Magical Mishawaka Amphitheater After 5 Years [Photo]

first_imgPhoto: Jake Sudek Load remaining images Nestled in the north country of Colorado lies yet another hidden gem of The Centennial State’s musical legacy: The Mishawaka Amphitheater. Set amongst towering canyon walls and located on the edge of The Poudre River, patrons are greeted from the road by a non-descript storefront and privacy fencing, neither of which denotes the unexpected magic lying inside.nondescriptng the area, visitors are presented with their first inkling of the location’s long ties to music, with autographed, framed promotional pictures of performers past lining the floor-to-ceiling wood interior in Fillmore fashion. Passing deeper into the heart of the century-old building, the room opens up into a dance hall, equipped with a small stage and high ceilings and able to accommodate about 150—the space is utilized in the winter months for performances when the weather is far too cold to host events outdoors and as an additional stage during festivals hosted at The Mishawaka.The ballroom transitions to the outdoor deck, primarily used for dining, and it is here that one gets their first look at the riverway lying at the foot of the property behind the obscured view from the road. Descending a few steps, the tour continues onto the main grounds, a 360-degree spin revealing the jewels of the establishment: two elevated VIP viewing areas; a central, gravel-paved standing room only dancing area; and The Mishawaka Amphitheater stage, constructed from indigenous timbers and stones, literally hanging over the turning waters—all of which can sustain only 950 souls on any given evening. Although its appearance differs significantly from the God-inspired monolithic majesty of the nearby Red Rocks Amphitheatre or the urban legendry of the Ogden Theatre or Bluebird, the talent that has crossed the threshold of its doorways rivals these in comparison, while offering the small-town family intimacy akin to many of the locales of the region, setting up those in attendance for many of those cherished “pinch-me” moments.Last Saturday, The Mish, as the Mishawaka is called by many, changed its role from rural honkytonk to gospel church with the first return in five years of Bruce Hornsby and The Noisemakers. Comprised of the usual suspects, including bassman J.V. Collier and “Master of the Staff” keyboardist John “J.T.” Thomas, both of whom have filled their slots for nearly three decades, as well as some newer faces—namely master shredder Gibb Droll on guitar, mandolinist and fiddler extraordinaire John Mailander, and trap-master Chad Wright—the band took the stage to the applause of a nearly sold-out house.Getting things started, Hornsby opened the show with a pairing of his original “Across the Great Divide”, which built up a huge head of steam before transitioning into Junior Parker’s “Mystery Train”, propelling the crowd into a furious get-down, establishing that the revered band leader was ready to preach from his 88-keyed podium. Throughout the evening, Hornsby and company covered the majority of his 1998 release Spirit Trail, including takes on “King of the Hill”, “Preacher in the Ring”, “Resting Place”, “Funhouse”, and “Sunflower Cat”.With an extensive catalog, tracks of significance were pulled from other albums to fill out the set and involved such early standards as “The Way It Is”, “On the Western Skyline”, and “Jacob’s Ladder”. Surprisingly, for a state with such a large population of Deadheads, the Rocky Mountain venue was barren without any nods to Hornsby’s former bandmates. As the band is always open to and honors any requests, whether audible or written, this was more than likely a fumble on the part of attendees, as early on Hornsby noted that there had only been four requests.Towards the end of the evening’s single set, the band moved to folding chairs at center stage for what Hornsby referred to as “the front porch portion of the show.” Here, Hornsby utilized dulcimers and the trusty accordion, Wright replaced his drum kit for a washboard and spoons, while Mailander continued his use of the mandolin for accompaniment. Droll, Collier, and Thomas continued their contribution on their standard vehicles, albeit a bit softer, as the band journeyed through acoustic versions of “Every Little Kiss”, “Fortunate Son”, “Shadow Hand”, “Swan Song”, and Van Morrison’s “Moondance”. This dynamic shift proved again the talent of the players, as acoustic play, or error, is far more transparent to the listener, finding no shelter in the coverage of effect.The takeaway from this evening was that after 30 years of performance, Hornsby still is having the time of his life. His grin is as wide as his talent, and neither seems to be waning. He continues to have a durable relationship with the members of the band that is emphasized by the unrelenting, well-timed musical exchanges that only come from hours of cohesive practice. The looks of joy and surprise shared on stage come off as genuine, not as a rehearsed schtick or parlor trick, a fact emphasized by the long-standing tradition of playing without a set list. This aspect most likely holds the deepest foundation from which these musicians find their joy on a nightly basis of surprises. Witnessing this group’s proficiency is anything but standard, as both the structure and improvisation leave the audience, and possibly the band, wanting more. As this group swings together through the spectrums of soul, jazz, funk, and gospel on their final three-week stint of the summer tour, it should be stated that, whether veteran or newbie, buying into this experience is no snake-oil charade, but authentic musical bliss, played from the heart, and shared on both sides of the stage.Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers | The Mishawaka Amphitheater | Bellvue, CO | 8/4/2018 | Photo: Jake Sudeklast_img read more

New gov’t body to oversee Boracay Island proposed

first_imgThis rock formation, popularly known as “Willy’s Rock”, is a famous landmark in Boracay Island, and probably the most photographed. This rocky outcrop forms a tidal island with a statue of the Virgin Mary on top of the steps carved into the rock. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN It will also help ensure that the island will continue to exist with a functioning ecosystem under a workable plan for sustainable development. BIATF was created on May 8, 2018 by President Rodrigo Duterte through Executive Order (EO) No. 53 with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) secretary Roy Cimatu as chairperson, with Local Government secretary Eduardo Año and Tourism secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat as co-chairpersons. BIDA’s function would be to promote growth in Boracay for sustainable development, maintain its ecological balance, and protect and enhance the quality of the island’s environment. Another “closure” early this year was effected due to the coronavirus pandemic. “We will continue the unfinished projects with plans already set for the island. The construction of the drainage along the circumferential road shall be continued. The beach and road easement as well as illegal buildings built in forestlands will be addressed by the BIATF this year and to continue with the rehabilitation of the world class destination,” said Cimatu who visited the Boracay Island together with Año and Puyat on June 11. BIDA will operate, administer short- and long-term plans, and manage the rehabilitation and development of Boracay Island; regulate the issuance of permits; order the suspension or cessation of operations of establishments; and address other concerns that are detrimental to Boracay Island. In Executive Order No. 115 recently released, Duterte extended BIATF until May 2021 to allow the completion of critical projects adopted from the Boracay Action Plan based on its four thematic areas, namely: enforcement of laws and regulations, pollution control and prevention, rehabilitation and recovery of the ecosystem, and sustainability of island activities.center_img Boracay Island reopened to local tourists from Western Visayas on June 16. The DENR continue to closely monitor its water quality. KALIBO, Aklan – The Boracay Inter-agency Task Force (BIATF) has endorsed the creation of the Boracay Island Development Authority (BIDA) and already has a draft bill before Congress. “I am glad for the reopening of Boracay Island, the crown jewel of the Philippines tourism industry. The pristine powdery white sand beach will continue as we hope to implement sustainable development through the creation of BIDA,” said DENR Region 6 executive director Francisco Milla Jr. He encouraged all tourists to observe physical distancing, frequent hand-washing and wearing of facemasks. The world-class tourist destination was shut down for six months in 2018 (April to October) by the President for a massive rehabilitation. “Let us keep the island clean and free from the coronavirus,” said Milla. (DENR-6/PN)last_img read more

Sign of the Times? Politics Gets Ugly in Little Silver

first_imgShaffery added that,though no criminal charges have been filed by authorities, the Garcias werereferred to contact private legal counsel regarding the complaint. On Friday afternoon,while her husband Will investigated engine troubles under the hood of a Dodgepickup truck, Ingrid sat beside her two young children behind the front desk ofExpert Detail and Auto Repair, the couple’s auto body shop situated insideLittle Silver’s Sycamore Avenue Shell Station, across from the train station. Brandt was challenging sitting mayor Robert Neff, who the Monmouth County Republican Party endorsed earlier this year. “It’s not right.Regardless of who we support, we shouldn’t have to answer for it like this.This is supposed to be a democracy. There’s supposed to be freedom of choice.And they’re both Republican candidates. It just makes no sense,” Garcia said. The Garcia’s 9-year-oldson Evan, who competes with his school’s debate team, said, despite theincident, he hopes to enter the politic arena someday and make a difference. Since the video wasreleased and the backlash has come, Ingrid said others have reached out insupport, including residents from neighboring towns who have come to thestation for gas, stopped by the shop for work or those simply driven in toshare a few kind words. “I don’t like to saythings like this in front of my children, especially my 9-year-old son, becausehe really understands what’s going on. But they’re talking about boycotting us.They’re talking about ruining our livelihood. If they do that, we’ll lose itall. How would we live? Nobody thinks about those things,” Ingrid said. “The PoliceDepartment unequivocally respects the First Amendment rights of all citizens,and asks all residents and business owners, regardless of political ideology,to respect the First Amendment rights of their neighbors,” he added. A week prior, theGarcias claim they were harassed by two leaders of the Little Silver RepublicanParty, former council member David Gilmour and GOP chairman Stuart Van Winkle. According to astatement emailed to The Two River Times by Chief Daniel Shaffery, “the LittleSilver Police Deparmtent has received and investigated the Garcias’ complaints,but those complaints do not meet the threshold for probable cause to sign criminalcomplaints for harassment.” “I want to use mywords to change the world and be fair to everyone. My mom and dad feel likethey’re being bullied. You shouldn’t have to bully people to get your messageheard. You should tell people what you think and let them decide,” he said. This article was first published in the June 6-13, 2019 print edition of The Two River Times. Despite the visits,the police report, the video and Ingrid’s claims of social media harassment andadditional negative feedback on consumer review sites like Yelp, the LittleSilver Police Department said it will not move to issue criminal complaints.center_img Ingrid said an hourlater Van Winkle entered the shop posing a similar question to her husband in asimilarly aggressive manner, prompting her to pull out her cell phone andrecord a video that was uploaded to YouTube with the title “Political Extortionand Harassment,” and later circulated to area media outlets by the Brandtcampaign. “We love making our living in this town. For the most part I believe people here are good. But some have tried to bully us for voicing an opinion. We’re not going to be bullied. I’ll do what I have to do to protect my family,” Ingrid said. “When I asked thatquestion, I think there was a lot more going on with them in the day than Iknew about it, because the degree of anger they displayed just didn’t fit,” VanWinkle said, calling the back-to-back visits by him and Gilmour a coincidence.“Looking at the situation now, I can understand their reaction.” Ingirid quicklyphoned the Little Silver authorities for assistance and filed a police reportalleging harassment against both Gilmour and Van Winkle. “If the owners feltharassed by my question to her husband, I am truly sorry for that. It was notmy intent. If they feel threatened in any way, I’m sorry,” Van Winkle added.“Having said that, to keep it all in perspective, we’ve had signs go up oncommercial properties around town without permission. I simply asked if theyhad given the Brandt campaign permission.” In the video, VanWinkle is heard asking Ingrid, “Do you have permission to put your signs up?”adding, “We have had complaints in town about signs being put up withoutpermission.” In a June 3 interview with The Two River Times, Van Winkle said his intent was not to make the Garcias feel uncomfortable, but rather to combat what he referred to as a “campaign sign circus” in the borough, referring to the copious lawn signage littering properties throughout Little Silver. Will Garcia said hebelieves the visits were coordinated. “The business owneradditionally reported a negative online review of the business due to politicalsupport of a specific candidate. The review in question falls under theregulations set forth by the Congress in the Consumer Review Fairness Act,which protects people’s ability to share in any forum their honest opinionsabout a business’ products, services, or conduct,” Shaffery wrote. According to Ingrid,Gilmour entered the shop first, “screaming and yelling and demanding to know” whoauthorized the Garcias to place a large campaign sign for Republican mayoralcandidate Rick Brandt on shop property. LITTLE SILVER –As the primary election approached, borough business owner Ingrid Garcia saidshe felt a growing fear of the future.last_img read more

Scoring outage hurts Cats against Fusion, coach Cary Fisher still happy with team progression

first_img“Snakebitten!”That was how Kootenay head coach Cary Fisher summed up two B.C. Female Midget AAA Hockey League games against the Vancouver Fusion.The way Fisher sees it the Wildcats played more than well enough to win the squad just had difficulty putting the biscuit in the basket.“We played well in all aspects of the game, including our goaltending,” Fisher told The Nelson Daily after returning from a pair of losses — 1-0 Saturday and 4-1 Sunday — to the Fusion at the Pitt Meadows Arena.“We held (Fusion) to very few chances but we just couldn’t score.”“We blocked a lot of shots in both games, moved the puck well and the girls worked very hard,” Fisher added. “I have nothing but good things to say about their effort this weekend.”A goal by Rachel Budden was all the scoring Vancouver would need in game one as the Kootenay offence suffered a power outage.Sunday, Vancouver scored twice in a 19-second span during the second period to completely change the game.Erin McLean cut the margin to 2-1 three minutes later.But the Wildcats had difficulty finding any more offence as, with the Kootenay netminder on the bench for an extra attack, the Fusion scored twice in the empty net.On the positive Fisher was very pleased with the progression of his young defence.With both veteran Holly Nikirk of Invermere and Lindsay Swanson of Fruitvale missing the games due to injury, the Wildcats turned to the rookies to carry the bulk of the minutes.“They all stepped up and played very well which is super encouraging to me,” Fisher said of rookies Mckayla Yuris (Trail), Heidi Haegedorn (Kaslo) and Ava Collier (Kaslo).The other defenceman bolstering the blueline was Trail’s Erin McLean.The two goalies for Kootenay are Morgan Flynn and Kayla Keraiff, both of Castlegar.The two wins push Vancouver into top spot in league standings with a 3-1-1 mark for seven points.Okanagan Rockets, the next opposition for Kootenay October 15 and 16 in Nelson at the NDCC Arena, are two points behind in second.Kootenay, 2-3, is tied for third with Fraser Valley Phantom.Prince George Cougars are winless in four games and occupy the basement.KOOTENAY NOTES: Despite scoring only once during the weekend, Kootenay still has a player — Kathryn Haegedorn of Kaslo— tied for the top in the scoring stats with five points. Shea Weighill of Nakusp sits in a seven-way tie for [email protected]last_img read more

42nd Annual City of Arcadia Mayor’s Community Breakfast Friday, April 1, 2016, FrontRunner Restaurant at Santa Anita Park

first_imgThis year’s event features the 2009 California Teacher of the Year, Alex Kajitani. Creator of the “Rappin’ Mathematician,” Alex offers techniques to teachers nationwide in ways to engage students and make math cool! This same skill set extends to the business world, where Alex delivers fresh strategies that give positive results among business leaders. To purchase tickets please call the Mayor’s Office at 626-574-5403, or email [email protected] Tickets are $20 each. Breakfast buffet included. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Foothill Unity Center, Arcadia Educational Foundation, Arcadia Performing Arts Foundation, and the Assistance League of Arcadia.center_img About the City of ArcadiaNestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Arcadia is an 11.38 square mile community with a population of just over 56,000. Located approximately 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, Arcadia is known for combining small-town charm with the conveniences and amenities of a mid-size city. Arcadia is a full-service charter city governed by a five-member City Council, elected at large. Recognized for exceptional education and recreation opportunities and beautiful neighborhoods, Arcadia is also defined as the “Community of Homes” and has twice been designated the “Best City in California in which to Raise Kids” by Business Week Magazine.last_img read more

Trump says NFL insults about patriotism, not race

first_img0Shares0000US President Donald Trump pauses to speak to the press as protests spread over his criticism of NFL players raising concerns about racial divisions © AFP / Brendan SmialowskiWASHINGTON, United States, Sep 25 – US President Donald Trump denied stoking racial tensions Monday, insisting his charged comments that prompted a wave of symbolic protests by NFL players were about patriotism not race.After a volley of verbal attacks on black athletes led players across the country to kneel during the US national anthem in protest this weekend, the besieged president played defense on Twitter. Trump had kicked off the furor by attacking players like Colin Kaepernick — who first took a knee through renditions of the “Star-Spangled Banner” during last year’s American football season — as a “son of a bitch” who should be fired.In a separate feud, Trump also disinvited basketball superstar Stephen Curry from a White House event.More than pro 150 players from across the country’s most popular sport took a defiant stance, kneeling, linking arms or raising clenched fists during the anthem before 14 games.The US leader doubled down on those remarks by urging fans to boycott the NFL as long as the protests continued.And keeping the issue alive for a fourth day, Trump on Monday insisted, “The issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. It is about respect for our Country, Flag and National Anthem. NFL must respect this!”Trump — who faces low poll numbers and is struggling to enact his agenda — on Monday tried to single out the NFL players who protested.“Many people booed the players who kneeled yesterday (which was a small percentage of total). These are fans who demand respect for our Flag!” he tweeted.He also pointed to the Pittsburgh Penguins acceptance of a White House invitation and support from racecar fans.“So proud of NASCAR and its supporters and fans. They won’t put up with disrespecting our Country or our Flag – they said it loud and clear!” Trump tweeted.But driver Dale Earnhardt also took to Twitter, implicitly rebuking Trump with a quote former president John F Kennedy: “All Americans R granted rights 2 peaceful protests Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”Trump also drew a furious backlash from NBA stars, including superstar LeBron James, who described the president as a “bum.”“He doesn’t understand how many kids, no matter the race, look up to the President of the United States for guidance, for leadership, for words of encouragement,” said James.“The people run this country. Not one individual. And damn sure not him.”– Courting controversy –Washington Redskins players kneel or lock arms during the the national anthem before a game against the Oakland Raiders © GETTY/AFP / Patrick SmithTrump has whole-heartily embraced the controversy, with his advisors believing it plays well with his largely white base.Trump also changed his Twitter background photo to an American flag and stated that the “White House never looked more beautiful than it did returning last night.”Critics accuse Trump of creating a diversion.His efforts to repeal Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms have run aground and would-be signature tax reforms are giving way to much less ambitious tax cuts.At the same time Trump faces a number of challenges from overseas, not least a war of words with North Korea that threatens to become a shooting war.North Korea in recent weeks detonated its sixth nuclear bomb and has test-fired intercontinental missiles — saying it needs to defend itself against hostility from the United States and its allies.Addressing the UN General Assembly last week, Trump responded by calling leader Kim Jong-Un a “Rocket Man” on a “suicide mission,” prompting Kim to warn in turn that the US president would “pay dearly” for his threat.Escalating tensions further, North Korea’s foreign minister said Monday that Trump had “declared a war” on North Korea, while conveying a threat to shoot down US bombers.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Vieira: I’m ready if Arsenal need me

first_img“If the question is, if I’m ready. Yes, I’m ready,” he told Goal.However, when asked if Arsenal had contacted him, he said: “Honestly and seriously, no. I still have, of course, next year.“It is going to be my contract at least until the end of the season and then after that, anything can happen.“But I have a contract until the end of the season.”The New York City FC manager has led his team to the top of the MLS Eastern Conference after eight games, losing only once. However, a move elsewhere is unlikely as he is contracted to the club until the end of 2018.“When your name is linked with big teams in Europe, it’s good,” he added. “That shows that people are following what you are doing and you are doing a good job.“What is important for me is to focus and concentrate about what I’m doing at the moment.“My head and my mind and my energy is on how to win the next game.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000After coaching Manchester City reserves Patrick Vieira took over the reins at New York CityNEW YORK, United States, Apr 26- Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira believes he is ready to take over as manager of the Premier League club but says he has not been in contact with them.With current Gunners boss Arsene Wenger leaving at the end of the season, after 22 years at the north London outfit, various managers have been touted as potential replacements, and Vieira is no exception.last_img read more

Jean Barton: The reach of social media, cattle convention report

first_imgSocial media is amazing. Facebook had this post from Logan Ipsen, which Matt Macfarlane had shared, using GoFundMe.“If you know John Dickinson, there’s no question you have a good story to tell. He’s the jovial, kind-hearted friend of everyone. He’s one of those rare people in which others happily gravitate towards and if you meet him one time, you will have a friend for life. His impact on our industry will be more than lifelong.“On Jan 27, at the start of the Red Bluff Gelding Sale, John’s …last_img

Hulu’s Facebook App: Posse Up for the Heroes Premiere

first_imgdana oshiro A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Five years ago it was strange to see TV (a form of entertainment built for at-home consumption) rally people to congregate outside of their homes. Special programming like heavy weight boxing title matches, the Super Bowl and the Oscars could encourage viewers to establish a shared viewing experience, but regular shows rarely commanded the same effort. Today, bar-hosted TV screening parties are as common as beer. In an effort to build on the shared viewing experience, popular HD television site Hulu is expanding beyond its walls. The company launched its Watch Now Facebook App where audiences can watch season premieres and comment in a group setting. Watch Now is very similar in design to the White House Live Facebook App. While the White House’s app allows users to debate alongside a live stream of Obama’s speeches, the Hulu app offers users a more lighthearted experience by building dialogue on the latest shows. From here, fans share their favorite clips through Facebook messages and profile updates. They can also return to their bookmarked programs as the season progresses. One of the most interesting features of the Facebook app is the fact that show fans can attend online screening events. Individual shows are listed as Facebook events and users add themselves as guests in order to receive show screening reminders and share links and info. Hulu’s first premiere event is for the Fall premiere of Heroes on Tuesday September 22. A complete list of the premieres is available in the Watch Now App.Earlier in the week, ReadWriteWeb covered Rupert Murdoch’s hints that Hulu is experimenting with a subscription service. With the new Facebook app, it will be interesting to see if the company can continue to build momentum beyond its free service. The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Related Posts center_img Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Tags:#Facebook#web Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro…last_img read more

8tracks to Launch Playback API and Developer Program

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#start dana oshiro Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketcenter_img Related Posts It appears that the time for freemium music services in the US has passed. Earlier this week streaming music site Imeem sold to MySpace for under $10 million dollars while laying off a large number of staff. For a company with all four major record labels signed, more than 15 million uniques a month and well over 5 million tracks in its catalogue, it came as a sobering blow to the industry. While many companies move to a subscription model, 8tracks continues to forge along in what some describe as a convenient loophole. As of this weekend the company is publicly launching its API for Boston’s Music Hack Day. Similar to the original concept for Muxtape, 8tracks allows users to trade 30 min (8 track) playlists. But unlike Muxtape, because 8tracks songs are not identified prior to play, the company is treated as an internet radio station. This status as a radio station means that it avoids the high licensing fees plaguing the streaming music sites. While Muxtape was forced to close in 2008, 8tracks continues to thrive.This weekend 8tracks is publicly launching its music playback API in the hopes of leveraging the collective brain power of Music Hack Day attendees. Some of the tools already built using the API that will be demoed include an iPhone player, a player widget for Facebook and a weekly Hype Machine mix. For those interested in getting involved with 8tracks on Music Hack Day, the developer API is available tomorrow at A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more