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"public policy has.bestow[ed] the benefits of growth on the very few" In fact the government has put money into ordinary peoples pockets in all kinds of ways The most obvious way has been tax cuts President Obamas 2009 stimulus billa topic Ive discussed at some lengthincluded $300 billion in tax cuts mostly for the non-rich The centerpiece was called Making Work Pay which provided up to $800 a year for the bottom 95% of working families and was later converted into a payroll tax credit worth up to $2136 a year before it expired in 2012 Most stimulus tax cuts were "refundable" which meant low-income workers who dont pay income taxesthe "47 percent" that Mitt Romney was caught denigrating on videowould be eligible to benefit When Obama famously told former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor "elections have consequences Eric and I won" he was talking about refundable tax cuts for the poor which House Republicans opposed but could not block This extra money for the poor and middle class doesnt show up in charts illustrating how the rich are vacuuming up all the recoverys income and wealth Those charts and the pundits who love them also tend to ignore the impact of Obamas tax hikes on the rich especially his repeal of the Bush tax cuts on income over $400000 In his Times essay titled "America Out of Whack" Edsall speculates at length about the impossibility of redistributive taxation in modern Washington somehow failing to mention that it just happened in a big way last year As Zachary Goldfarb calculated for a Washington Post piece on inequality in July repeal cost the average member of the top 01% income bracket nearly half a million dollars Obamacare is also financed by hefty new taxes on the rich including a 38% hike on investment income and a 09% hike on earned income above $250000 But its main push against inequality will be its health benefits for the uninsured and underinsured Free birth control is just one example Theres also free primary care and other preventive services Families up to 138% of the poverty line are now eligible for Medicaid benefits in participating states The law also eliminated the "donut hole" reducing drug costs for seniors None of this will show up in the inequality data but it all helps make ordinary Americans less financially insecure And so far Obamacare insurance premiums have been significantly lower than expected which means more money in ratepayer pockets Jason Furman chair of the Council of Economic Advisers says the combination of Obamacare plus progressive tax changes has offset a decades worth of rising inequality There are many less memorable ways that public policy has tried to narrow the gap For example the stimulus if youll pardon my obsession also sent $250 checks to retirees and disabled veterans increased Pell Grants for low-income students by more than $600 and expanded unemployment benefits by $25 a week Oh and the stimulusalong with the much-maligned Wall Street bailouts and the Federal Reserves aggressive monetary policieshelped prevent a depression a very good thing for the poor and middle class as well as the wealthy and the Dow The 10 million new jobs created in this recovery didnt all go to rich people The stimulus also financed energy-efficiency retrofits of more than 1 million low-income homes which will save families money and power for decades to come And beyond the stimulus the Department of Energy estimates that the Obama administrations new energy-efficiency mandates for refrigerators air conditioners and dozens of other appliances will save consumers $450 billion on their electric bills through 2030 The administrations strict fuel-efficiency standards for cars and light trucks are expected save drivers another $500 billion Thats real money Even the federal response to the foreclosure crisis widely perceived as an abysmal failure has provided financial help to millions of Americans in need The most important move widely perceived as a gift to undeserving corporations was the $400 billion government bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which kept mortgage credit flowing at a time when no one else would provide it averted a dramatic increase in mortgage rates and helped 26 million homeowners reduce their monthly payments by refinancing their mortgages by 2014 Federal programs like HARP (which helped 3 million of those homeowners refinance) and HAMP (which helped modify another 13 million loans) were slow and often inefficient but low mortgage ratesmaintained by the Federal Reserves aggressive purchases of mortgage-backed securities as well as the government backstop for Fannie and Freddiemeant money in the bank for anyone with an adjustable-rate mortgage Reasonable people can disagree about whether government should be in the business of redistributionwhat Obama called "spreading the wealth" in his 2008 chat with Joe the Plumberbut we should recognize that it is The inequality trends as severe as they are would be far more severe without government intervention Yes the average CEO earns almost as much in a day as the average worker earns in a year but governmentthrough progressive taxation the safety net public education and other public services and the policies of the last five yearshas been pushing back Is it pushing back hard enough Well reasonable people can disagree about that too Contact us at [email protected] post is in partnership with Trusted Reviews The article below was originally published at Trusted Reviewscom If you know that the iPad Air 2 or a device running Windows isnt for you then this is the place to be Check out all of our top picks from the list below or flick through the round-up by clicking the arrow above Best 10-inch Android tablet | Samsung Galaxy Tab S 105 Best 8-inch or 9-inch Android tablet | Nexus 9 Best 7-inch Android tablet | Asus MeMO Pad 7 ME572C Best sub-100 Android tablet | Asus Memo Pad 7 ME176CX Best sub-200 Android tablet | Tesco Hudl 2 Best Android tablet for work | Asus Transformer TF701T Best Android tablet for entertainment | Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 89 (2014) Best Android tablet for kids | Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6 Best Android tablet for drawing | Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 122 Best Android tablet for gaming | Nvidia Shield Tablet If however you’d like a little more guidance on what to look for when buying a new tablet you should read our tablet buyer’s guide which explains the strengths and weaknesses of each type of tablet and anything else you may need to consider technical or otherwise One of the golden rules you need to remember when looking at Android tablets is that you should steer clear of cheap no-name models There are a countless number of them available from various vendors and they’re almost never worth purchasing mainly because they don’t tend to last very long As for the ‘best’ Android tablet there isn’t really one at the moment What we do have is a number of great Android tablets that perform some tasks better than others whether 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November 2014 Read full Nexus 9 review Best 8-inch or 9-inch Android tablet Key features: The Nexus 9 looks starkly different to Googles previous tablets It is far broader and the 89-inch display with an aspect ratio of 4:3 isnt as good for viewing widescreen movies as previous Nexuses but games and apps feel much nicer Colours are excellent viewing angles are good and the 281ppi screen is nice and clear At 425g and 79mm thick its also comfortable enough to hold for extended periods of time One of the standout features is that unlike any of its rivals who will have to wait for the software it ships with Android 50 Lollipop The battery life combined with the powerful GPU allow for an excellent gaming experience The 8- and 16-megapixel rear- and front-facing cameras aren’t the best you’ll ever come across but it’s a terrific piece of kit nonetheless Price: 29999 (319 at time of review) / $34999 For the rest of the list please go to TrustedReviewscom Contact us at [email protected] But the storytellers often overlook a variety of public policies that have helped offset the structural trends widening the gap between the rich and the rest." 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