Liberian Returns for Nation-building

first_imgWhen Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf first took power after the 2005 post-war election, she called on Liberian professionals living abroad to return home and help with the building of the war torn nation.Many Diaspora Liberians responded to Sirleaf’s call immediately with some even sending in credentials. But many never received any feedback. Despite the disappointment, scores of professional Liberians continue to return home every year to stay; most work in such fields as business, health, education, administration, and relief-aid. Among the latest returnees is Mr. Tamba Aghailas, a son of Lofa County.The Liberian civil war (1989 – 2003) affected every sector and aspect of our nation. One of the lingering effects is the brain-drain or human-capital flight it occasioned.Thousands of Liberians fled home to seek refuge in various parts of the world. Unsurprisingly, this created a vacuum in Liberia’s labor force.This vacuum gave rise to an influx of expatriates, mainly from English speaking West African countries, to fill the human resource gap in various sectors of the economy.To counter this trend, the Liberian government and citizens started urging the return of Liberians in the Diaspora who have acquired the requisite education and skills and are willing to contribute to the reconstruction efforts in Liberia.However, many Liberians find this to be a hard choice as the decision to return often means abandoning more financially lucrative and stable careers in the West. As a result, they are often unwilling to relocate permanently.While some Liberians return home to seek appointments in government or elected seats, their migration is only temporary as they return abroad as soon as they lose those jobs or elected seats.Nonetheless, some exceptionally patriotic and dutiful Liberians do exist. They are the ones who make the whole-hearted choice to abandon their comfort-zones in the West and commit to a life of service at home for the love of their country and people.One such person is Tamba D. Aghailas—who left Liberia to seek refuge in various West African countries, then landed in the United States of America during the height of the Liberian civil war. Mr. Aghailas broke the news recently that he is, without any precondition, coming home to contribute his quota to reconstruction.“As much as we appreciate the continued assistance of international partners, Liberians must step-up to steer the destiny of their nation.”According to Mr. Aghailas, he is coming home to contribute to reconstruction and to pass on and share the skills and experience he has acquired over the years with the future leaders of Liberia – the youth. At his core, he is a human rights advocate, one who has chosen to “lend his voice to the voiceless people of Liberia,” as he put it.He is founder and director of The Voice of Liberia—an online publication, from which he has written extensively on human right issues.This son of Liberia is indeed a trailblazer. His sacrifice sets an example for the countless skilled Liberians who live in the Diaspora, who have yet to follow his example.Their talent, skills and resources have the potential to unlock and accelerate the creation of a strong and viable middle class in post-conflict Liberia.Mr. Aghailas currently resides in New York City with his family and works as a Human Resource professional with an international nonprofit organization.Mr. Aghailas will bring with him extensive human resource and life experiences from which he expects his fellow Liberians to benefit.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Incomprehensive History Undermines Patriotism in Liberia

first_imgLiberian Historian and writer, Dr. Joseph Saye Guannu (PhD),  has attributed the lack of patriotism in Liberians to “Incomprehensive” history which, he says, does not make all Liberians to feel a part of the country.Dr. Joseph Saye Guannu who has published many Liberian History texts, including Liberian History Up To 1847, A Short History of the Liberian Republic, Liberian Civics and Liberian History Since 1980,  made the assertions in a recent exclusive interview with the Daily Observer.According to Dr. Guannu, Liberian History is not only incomprehensive but also full of distortions, in which many Liberians who played major roles in defending the country do not see themselves well pictured.Making a reference to a historic Liberian, Sao Boso, Dr. Guannu said this powerful Bopolu chief intervened in the land crisis between the settlers and the tribal people when conflict sprang up after negotiating for the Cape Mesurado.“The tribal people after negotiation came together and said they did not sell land, and this caused the settlers to be on the Providence Island for sometimes.  When Sao Boso was contacted, he came and convinced the tribal people to consider their brothers, and through his influence the tribal group agreed to give the land; and that laid the basis of Liberia.  However, this man’s effort is not recognized in history written by some Liberians,” Dr. Guannu said.He said most Liberian History texts only speak good about the settlers whose brothers and sisters wrote them (History), but completely sidelined the indigenous who played some major roles.Furthermore, he noted that Liberian History gives honor and praises to some people who do not deserve such honor and praises.Citing another reference, Dr. Guannu said the historical account that Matilda Newport was a teacher, shot a cannon to disperse tribal warriors and participated in flag making in 1847 is false.Dissenting that note of this Liberian woman in the history books, Dr. Guannu confirmed that Matilda Newport did indeed exist and came to Liberia, she did not shoot a cannon, neither was she a classroom teacher; nor did she  participate in the making of the Liberian flag.  She was illiterate and died before 1847, said Dr. Guannu.The Liberian historian and writer also pointed out that Liberian President Edwin James Barclay and others also played major role in preventing Liberia from being  colonized by Europeans, but such role is scarcely found in  Liberian History.Additionally, he indicated that the Bong County Sande society zoe, Madam Suakoko, played active roles in assisting the Liberian Frontier Force to expand Liberian territories to Bong and Nimba, but some Liberian History texts make no  Dr. Guannu did much of his studies in the United States of America and holds the PhD degree in History from New York City’s Fordam University, a Roman Catholic-run institution.  He noted that Americans have statutes of historic Americans all over that country, reminding people of what American patriots did for their country.When others see these statutes and hear what people who are symbolized by them did, they gain courage and want to emulate them.“But such is not the case with our country.  Suakoko, Sao Boso, Barclay and some tribal men who played roles in making Liberia what it is do not have statutes or have no streets named after them.  Such historical biases cannot allow people to develop patriotism, he noted.In the 1970s, however, the Tolbert administration named Front Street, which overlooks the Water Side, as in memory of King Sao Boso.With the negative impact Liberia’s historical  inconsistency makes on the citizens, Dr. Guannu said President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has authorized a team of writers to rewrite the Liberian history, but this project is yet to kickoff.Until Liberian History is inclusively written to make all Liberians see themselves in it, the spirit of patriotism will take long to develop.However, he noted that minimum change is taking place in Liberians towards their country, but more needs  to be done if the country is to  compete successfully with other developing countries.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Guyanese get paid more than many in developing world – AFC

first_img… says livable wage ‘depends on how we want to live’Guyana’s public servants slated to receive a 10 per cent salary increase in October, are in fact being paid a lotBusiness Minister Dominic Gaskinmore than many persons who live in other developing countries, and while increases may not be considered sufficient, a liveable wage is really dependent on how a person chooses to live.This was the position adumbrated by Business Minister Dominic Gaskin, who on Friday engaged members of the local media corps to give the Alliance For Change’s (AFC’s) position on issues of national and topical importance.He was at the time being grilled about the Government’s final offer and its impact on the economy, in light of the significant reduction in the spending power and capacity of local businesses and citizens.Asked about the final offer by Government to public servants and the impact it will have on their spending power and its inherent impact on the economy at large, Minister Gaskin said, “I think a 10 per cent increase certainly does increase spending power, its 10 per cent more money.”Pressed on whether he believed that Government’s final offer to public servants was sufficient, Minister Gaskin responded saying, “sufficient is a difficult word.”He sought to explain saying, “Profits for business are never sufficient, you know, that is the nature of business.”According to Gaskin, “Businesses always need bigger and bigger profits and I assume that human nature is no different, we want bigger and bigger salaries every year if we can’t get it.”As such, Minister Gaskin posited that no wage increase would ever be sufficient, “it has to do more with what can be afforded.”The Minister was at this point asked if the Government’s final offer represented a ‘liveable wage’ to which he responded saying, “it depends on how we want to live.”According to the Minster, “In many countries, compared to a lot of countries, Guyanese earn considerably more than in a lot of developing countries, that doesn’t mean that it’s sufficient.”He suggested, “A lot of things are relative; we are not a rich country as yet.”Minister Gaskin used the opportunity to remind of Guyana’s vast endowment of natural resources/wealth, and said it is imperative that Government finds a way to ensure that wealth is spread across the board and that equal opportunities are created.”Finance Minister Winston Jordan recently confirmed that the directive has been made to make the retroactive payments from next month.This will mean public servants will on their October pay-cheques, be receiving their increases for that month, in addition to the bulk accumulated amount retroactive to January 2016.The decision to go ahead and make the payments comes despite the fact that the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) has rejected Government’s final offer of 10 per cent and has called for a return to the bargaining table.Speaking directly to the sustainability of salary increases in light of the demands and what has in fact been offered and now arbitrarily paid out, Minister Jordan at the time dismissed the notion that the wage bill will be hiked to the point where Government could not maintain it.As it relates to Government’s final offer, which it is proceeding to effect, Minister Jordan said, “based on our projection of revenue and so on, it will be sustained.”last_img read more

Final day of the 89th annual Dawson Creek Fall Fair

first_img11:00 AM Championship Draft Horse Show  8:00 PM Schilds Kurjata Kids Calf Scramble – Grandstand – Advertisement – 1:15 PM Wrangler Canadian Pro Rodeo Tour Grand Entry  12:00 PM West Coast Amusements Midway Opens “Waterin’ Hole” Opens  6:30 PM World Professional Chuckwagon Association Finals – “$10,000 Dash for Cash” – Cascade Services  9:00 AMExhibits Open to Public Food & Trade Fair Booths Open on Grounds Gospel Music Festival  Agriculture Kids Zone (4-H Bldg)  4:00 PM Outdoor Stage – Jack Jackson Steak BBQ “Waterin’ Hole”  3:30 PM Kids Wild Horse Race Finals center_img 7:00 AM Gates Open (Admission Charge) Complimentary Breakfast (with purchase of gate admission) 7:00-8:30 AM Food Booth area  Sunday, August 14, 2011 5:30 PM Dawson Creek Exhibition & Stampede Drill Team – Grandstand Crazy Cowgirls Trick Riding Western Chuckwagon Association Finals – “$5,000 Dash for Cash”  11:30 AM Picnic in the Park with & Ricky Ticky Wanchuck Rodeo Clown & Miss G.P. Stompede (kids ages 6-12 Food Booth area) Complimentary Bag Lunch  1:30 PM Wrangler Canadian Professional Rodeo Tour  8:30 AM Light Horse Show last_img read more

Picasso descendant burglary victim

first_imgArt experts say that if the burglars hope to sell the paintings, they are in for a surprise. Any work by Picasso is “very hard to fence because it’s so well-known,” said Jonathan Sazonoff, who runs a leading Web site on stolen art. “Stealing a Picasso is like stealing a sign that says, ‘I’m a thief.’” But Katie Dugdale of the Art Loss Register, which maintains the world’s largest database on stolen, missing and looted art, said that although it’s difficult, famous artworks can be sold on the black market. “Even though they can’t get full value, there’s still some value, unfortunately,” she said, particularly if the artworks are used to fund other illegal activities, such as arms trading. In high-profile cases like the theft of the Picassos in Paris, recovery is likely because of intense media attention and ramped-up police efforts. PARIS – In a stealthy overnight heist, burglars slipped into the Paris apartment of Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter and spirited away two portraits of women he loved. One painting was sliced from its frame. The thieves were so quiet that the two people in the apartment of Diana Widmaier-Picasso at the time didn’t hear them make off with the art treasures, police said. The burglars left few clues, and police said they were not sure how the intruders gained entry. The two paintings – one of Pablo Picasso’s daughter Maya, the other of his second wife, Jacqueline – together are worth an estimated $66 million if sold legitimately. The paintings join 549 other lost or stolen works by the prolific Spanish painter, sculptor, graphic artist and ceramist, considered by many the leading artist of the 20th century. According to the Web site of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Picasso produced more than 20,000 works of art during his long career. “Usually with things like this, they’re recovered right away,” Dugdale said, noting that the paintings, already recognizable, will become nearly universally known after their images appear in the media. For most works, however, she said the average recovery time is seven years. Investigators said Wednesday they were struggling to piece together what happened. Burglars entered the apartment in a chic corner of the Left Bank late Monday or early Tuesday, authorities said. Police officers said they were examining a door lock to see if it was broken, and they were unsure if the alarm system had been turned on. Once inside the apartment, the thieves cut the edges of one painting, “Maya and the Doll,” to take it out of its frame, a police official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation is continuing. The painting has sentimental value for Widmaier-Picasso: It shows her mother, Maya, as a young girl in pigtails, eyes askew in an off-kilter Cubist perspective. Another version of the painting hangs in the Picasso Museum in Paris. Maya was Picasso’s daughter. Her mother was Marie-Therese Walter, whom Picasso met when she was a fresh-faced, blond teenager. Their affair did not last. Four years after Picasso died in 1973, Walter committed suicide by hanging. Maya Picasso married Pierre Widmaier and had three children: Olivier, Richard and Diana Widmaier-Picasso, an art historian and author of a book called “Picasso: Art Can Only Be Erotic.” The other missing painting is “Portrait of Jacqueline,” and the burglars took the frame with it, police said. The painting was one of many that depict Picasso’s second wife, Jacqueline Roque, whom he married in 1961 when he was 79 years old and she was in her mid-30s. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Bulldogs dig deep for win

first_imgBinns scored most of his points in transition on layups and dunks. “I saw one of our boys go down, so I got more involved,” Binns said. “They were tough and going back-and-forth with us. But we finally buckled down and played defense, and got the win like we know how.” The Eagles took an early 15-10 lead, but that’s when Harmon dialed in. The senior nailed four consecutive 3-pointers and scored 18 consecutive points, turning a five-point deficit into a 28-22 lead with 6:58 left in the half. Then the Bulldogs (31-2) went on a 13-0 run to take their biggest lead of the game, 41-27. “CIF has to change the rule because one of those was a four-pointer, it was so deep,” said Tucker, marveling at Harmon’s range. “Trevon is showing he’s a big-time college basketball player, and somebody better take notice. “He was in a situation where he had to help get us going, and he put us on his back and got it done.” Thanks to Johnson, the Eagles wouldn’t go quietly, pulling within 75-70 with 1:20 left. But Binns answered with a couple of dunks and Ajere jammed home three dunks in the final minute to end the game on a 10-0 run. Ajere finished with 16 points. (626) 962-8811, Ext. 4485 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Visiting Fresno Clovis West trailed PHS by only five points with with 1:56 remaining, but the Bulldogs turned it into a dunkfest down the stretch for an 89-72 victory in Tuesday’s first-round game. The Bulldogs’ 20th consecutive victory sends them to Thursday’s regional quarterfinals, where they will host Sun Valley Polytechnic (24-6), an 86-69 winner over Corona Centennial. The Golden Eagles stayed close behind the hot hand of Brandon Johnson, who scored a game-high 35 points. But Pasadena senior Trevon Harmon answered with 33 points, and sparked a key stretch with 18 consecutive points in the first half. And with Nigel Ajere in foul trouble and on the bench most of the game, Armon Binns stepped up and had a career game, finishing with 28 points and six rebounds. “We’re a hard team to figure out,” Tucker said. “When one half of the dynamic duo (Ajere) goes out, you have someone like Armon who can step up and give you 28 points. “That speaks volumes to our depth. We’re not a one- or two-man team. We’ve got a lot of weapons that can step up at anytime.” center_img PASADENA – Not only did the Pasadena High School boys basketball team answer a dangerous and determined opponent, it showed Bulldogs coach Tim Tucker they’re serious about the CIF-State Southern California Division I regional playoffs. “We still have a lot to prove,” said Tucker, just a few days removed from winning Saturday’s CIF-Southern Section Division II-AA championship. “We haven’t had to dig deep for a while, but we dug down and showed our character against a great team tonight.” last_img read more

Hosts unknown, but AFCON to take centre stage in Africa

first_img0Shares0000Mohamed Salah celebrates scoring for English Premier League leaders Liverpool. The Egyptian is favourite to win the 2018 African Player of the Year award. © AFP / Paul ELLISJOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Jan 1 – An Africa Cup of Nations with new dates and an expanded 24-team line-up will take centre stage this year in the continent, but the hosts have still to be decided.CAF will announce next Wednesday whether Egypt or South Africa stage the June 15-July 13 tournament after Cameroon were dropped over preparation delays and security concerns. The date switch from January/February should end club-versus-country rows after a growing number of African stars were reluctant to leave their European teams in mid-season.Increasing the number of finalists from 16 has already had an impact with former whipping boys Madagascar and Mauritania qualifying for the first time.AFP Sport looks at what lies in store at national team and club levels during 2019 for the most popular sport in Africa.Player of the YearEgypt and Liverpool scoring sensation Mohamed Salah is set to retain the title in Dakar on January 8 with fellow Red Sadio Mane from Senegal his closest challenger.If Salah continues to score consistently he could challenge the record of former Ivory Coast and Manchester City star Yaya Toure, who was voted number one four consecutive times.Cup of Nations hostsThere is little to choose between Egypt and South Africa ahead of a fourth straight Cup of Nations to be held in a country not originally chosen as hosts.But one marked difference would be the weather with Egypt experiencing northern hemisphere summer heat in June and July while South Africa shivers in the southern hemisphere winter.Cup of NationsShould Egypt be named hosts, the record seven-time African champions would be favoured to go one better than 2017 when they lost the final to Cameroon in Libreville.Were South Africa to get the nod, the chances of Senegal and former champions Tunisia, Morocco and Nigeria lifting the trophy would increase.Champions LeagueHolders Esperance of Tunisia, TP Mazembe of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Al Ahly of Egypt have won seven of the last 10 finals and are among the favourites again.Ahly, under new Uruguayan coach Martin Lasarte, will be desperate for a first success since 2013 having lost the last two finals to Wydad Casablanca of Morocco and Esperance.Confederation CupNorth African clubs have won 10 of the 15 finals in the second-tier competition and trophy-holders Raja Casablanca of Morocco head a powerful challenge from the region.Few pundits are looking beyond Raja, Etoile Sahel and CS Sfaxien of Tunisia and Zamalek of Egypt as potential winners in the African equivalent of the UEFA Europa League.Super CupHistory will be made when Esperance and Raja meet with Qatar becoming the first non-African venue for the annual match between the Champions League and Confederation Cup winners.Traditionally staged at the home of the CAF champions, the switch has angered Esperance supporters, particularly as the club turns 100 on January 15.Club World CupEsperance were the latest flops from Africa, crashing 3-0 to 2018 hosts Al Ain of the United Emirates and eventually finishing fifth in a seven-club field.The change to an August-to-May CAF club season from this year should offer more preparation time and, hopefully, mean less embarrassment for African champions.FIFA windowsThe first during March will be used for the final Cup of Nations qualifiers and there are a further three nine-day internationals windows in the second half of the year.Will Africa consider following the lead of Europe and introduce a CAF Nations League? It would be an improvement on African friendlies often shunned by Europe-based stars.OlympicsEgypt will host an eight-nation tournament during November with three places at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games up for grabs.Algeria, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Egypt qualified for the previous two African tournaments and they have been kept apart in the three-round elimination competition.African Nations ChampionshipNo details have been announced regarding qualifying for the sixth edition of this unique international football competition restricted to those playing in their country of birth.Ethiopia will host the 2020 finals — the first time the east African country has staged a CAF competition since the 1976 Cup of Nations.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Henry reveals which striker he would most like to play with

first_imgThierry Henry has told talkSPORT new Liverpool striker Christian Benteke is the one Premier League frontman he would like to play with the most.Benteke signed joined the Reds for £32.5million from Aston Villa last month and was immediately handed the no.9 shirt before scoring a stunning goal on his debut in a friendly against Swindon Town.And the Arsenal legend believes the big Belgian’s playing style would compliment his own abilities better than any other forward in the league.He told Drivetime: “When someone asks me a question like that [who would you most like to play with] I think straight away, ‘can I play with him? Can he play with me?’“I could have played with Benteke because I could have played off him. He can hold up the ball then I could have wandered around him. He takes all the knocks and kicks and I’m on the side.“I think if he has an amazing season, Liverpool will be in the top four. It is a lot of pressure but that’s why they have paid the big money for him. “I think if he does have a big season, one of those seasons where everything you touch goes in, he will be very important.“He is a player that, right now when I look at the league, I would have liked to play with him.”Henry’s fellow Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp also emphasised how important he will be to the side defensively.The former Liverpool captain added: “Liverpool concede so many goals from set-pieces and corners.“Someone like him to have in your box while you are defending is important. He is one of the best headers of the ball in the league.“Liverpool have struggled because they’re not a big side and he will add so much, not only as an attacking point of view but also defensively.”last_img read more


first_imgWORLD championship silver medalist Jason Quigley is home!And he got a hero’s welcome when he arrived at Dublin airport today – before making his way back to the Twin Towns.“It’s great to be home,” said Jason, who made history by being the first ever Irishman to reach a world championship final. “I’ve been overwhelmed by the messages of support. I’m looking forward to getting home and resting.”A large crowd of supporters greeted Jason at the airport – including family and friends.There will be a homecoming party tomorrow evening at the Finn Valley Centre.Patsy McGonagle, from Finn Valley AC, said: “Jason is a fantastic role model. “He is so dedicated to his sport and he is someone for young people to look up to.“His achievements this week have been world class and we are going to see bigger and better things from this great Donegal athlete.”HERO’S WELCOME HOME FOR BOXING STAR JASON was last modified: October 28th, 2013 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:home comingJason Quigleylast_img read more

Excitement as UPDF brings home two golden medals in EAC military games

first_imgUPDF’s Eunice Amuron was named the best attacker. (PHOTO/Courtesy)The first individual award went to UPDF’s Eunice Amuron as the best attacker, the second to Yvete Cyuzuzo of Rwanda as the best Setter and the third one to Damaris Chepkorom of Kenya as the most valuable player (MVP).The second category were the team awards where Uganda was recognized as the best in the same game and won a golden medal as a winner, Kenya came second and was awarded a silver and Rwanda took a bronze.In Netball, Uganda’s UPDF was unbeaten by all the participants from other EAC member countries.Uganda beat Burundi by 114 to 09 goals, won Kenya by 43 to 38, Rwanda by 76 to 16 goals then crashed Tanzania by 49 -34 goals.In netball individual awards were awarded to the top scorer Cpl Mwanaid Hassan Ngubege of Tanzania followed by the best defender Pte E. Kaila Joice also from Tanzania and the most valuable player (mvp) Pte Rachael of Uganda.Uganda in the second category was given a golden award while the 1st runners up award was won by Kenya taking a Silver and Tanzania the 2nd runner up was awarded a bronze.The EAC Secretariat Defence Liason Officer Brig Godfrey Katsigazi Tumusiime applauded all the teams of the EAC Military games for the unity demonstrated during the matches. He added that it was a signal of one people one destiny.Brig Katsigazi Congratulated UPDF for the level of discipline they exhibited, the readiness, preparedness and the cooperation which was excellent since the games started until the closure.“Iam very proud of all the teams general standard. You made Uganda Flag high and continue the same zeal and positive and friendly competition” he emphasized.UPDF’s Eunice Amuron was the best attacker, the second to Yvete Cyuzuzo of Rwanda as the best Setter and the third one to Damaris Chepkorom of Kenya as the most valuable player (MVP). (PHOTO/Courtesy)He also congratulated S.Sudan for finally being part of the games for the first time and urged them to put in more effort.While closing the ceremony, Lt Col Gilbert Marirakiza from Burundi Congratulated all the teams for having successfully completed netball match for the year 2019.“I must say all the teams were prepared well that is why they have peacefully played and completed the game”.He added.He applauded Burundi and Rwanda who at first did not perform well but later improved.Comments UPDF has won more two golden medals in EAC military games. (PHOTO/Courtesy)NAIROBI – Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) has been awarded two golden medals in Volleyball and Netball matches.The Volleyball awards were at the indoor Arena Center Kasarani while the netball awards on Wednesday, August 21 at Kenya Monetary Training Institute in Nairobi Kenya.The two golden awards were based on the best performance UPDF demonstrated while participating in the two games during the UPDF won Kenya’s KDF in volleyball 3-0 sets, Burundi’s BDF 3-0 sets, Tanzania’s TPDF 3-0sets but was defeated by Rwanda’s RDF 3-2 sets.Awards were categorized in two groups with the first category being awarded to individuals who were the best performers from the three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. Tags: Damaris ChepkoromEac military gamesKenyaMVPrwandatopUgandaUPDFUPDF’s Eunice AmuronYvete Cyuzuzolast_img read more