54 Below Makes Way for Broadway Beltresses, Bellamy Young & More

first_imgSummer is fast approaching in New York, and some of Broadway’s best know that 54 Below is the place to stay cool. A Tony winner and Grammy nominee brings her powerhouse pipes back to New York, the Great White Way’s newest Marius ditches “Empty Chairs and Empty Tables” for New York’s swankiest supper club, and somewhere out there, Laura Osnes is rehearsing her country twang. Check out the recently announced acts below!54 SINGS THE LIFEWith Bellamy Young, Telly Leung & More – 5/17 at 7 & 9:30PMLong before she was delivering Shondalogues as First Lady Mellie on Scandal, Bellamy Young appeared in Cy Coleman and Ira Gasman’s The Life. This May, she and a few of her former co-stars, as well as stage faves Telly Leung, Ciara Renée and more, will bring back the seediness of ’80s Times Square (less Elmos and more hookers).GET TICKETSMELBA MOORE”Forever Moore” – 5/22 & 23 at 7PMWe’ve got love for Melba Moore and her insane belting. The Tony winner and Grammy nominee heads to the New York hotspot to revisit songs from her past on Broadway, which included stints in Purlie, Hair and Les Miserables, in addition to such chart toppers as “Love’s Comin’ At Ya” and “Read My Lips.” Here’s hoping she’ll hold a note for 22+ seconds once more! GET TICKETS54 SINGS GRAND HOTELWith Chip Zien, Liliane Montevecchi & More – 5/24 at 7 & 9:30PMReturn to the Golden ‘20s, where the doors of the lavish Grand Hotel never stop revolving. The Robert Wright, George Forrest and Luther David tuner celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. Now, a host of stage names (including original cast members) will head back down the crooked path for one night only. GET TICKETSBROADWAY DOES COUNTRYWith Laura Osnes, Beth Leavel & More – 5/31 at 10PMThe Main Stem is heading below the Mason Dixon Line! Osnes, Leavel, On the Town’s Cody Williams and more, backed by a five-piece country band, will tip their hats to the likes of Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Mark Chestnutt and the Dixie Chicks. Lest you forget—Osnes is no stranger to bringing southern charm to the Great White Way. GET TICKETSCHRIS McCARRELL6/1 at 9:30PMThis lost boy found a new gig! The Lez Miz cutie makes his solo show debut this summer with an eclectic set list. Audiences can expect takes on Top 40 hits, some folk and even a new Sondheim arrangement or two. McCarrell also promises some special Broadway guests. Lost Boys/Newsies? Lez Miz whores and revolutionaries? GET TICKETS View Commentslast_img read more

Why your 2020 data transformation could fail, before you even get started

first_img 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Mark Weber Mark Weber is the CEO and Chairman of Strum, a 30-year nationwide leader in financial services, branding, business intelligence analytics and data-driven strategy. With offices in Seattle and Boston, Strum … Web: www.strumagency.com Details When the first wave of the pandemic hit in March, it accelerated a massive shift in digital technologies, forcing organizations overnight to move millions of employees to work at home. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggested recently that “Microsoft just saw two years of digital transformation in two months.” How will this sudden and rapid acceleration among consumers of adopting digital technologies impact your organization’s data analytics journey ahead?The financial services industry, far above most industries, is literally swimming in a sea of rich data. It’s also funding business intelligence software purchases at a rate higher than all other industries. According to Gartner Research, banking has the highest rate for investing in business intelligence software of all industries at 13.9%. BI software is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing applications and is expected to reach almost $23 billion in 2020, and $28.4 billion by 2022. Yet, digital transformation initiatives within financial services promised massive advances in using data analytics, but have proved a failure for over half of all financial institutions that embarked on this journey to date. So, what’s gone wrong with so many failed data transformations?One problem is that most community banks and credit unions pursuing digital transformation prioritized massive scale, internally-focused functional deliverables first: regulatory, compliance, channel, LOS, and portfolio issues. Many invested in enterprise-level business intelligence and CRM solutions, only to discover their first battle would be integrating from 30 to 50 complex and siloed core and unstructured data systems, often requiring an array of outsourced and costly integration consultants, just to get systems up and started. The result, depending on which survey you read: shows that between 50-70% of all digital transformations failed.Many IT leaders were well-funded (often with budgets from $500K – $1.5M+), so funding alone was not the problem. Data and business intelligence teams were often staffed up to build complex data warehouse and CRM systems with digital leaders, database programmers, and data analysts – talent alone was not the only challenge. Promises of one to two-year high functioning data warehouses often turned into three- and four-year journeys. Along the road, budgets often doubled or tripled, data teams expanded, data implementations stalled, and many FI’s even today find themselves far from implementation-ready analytics rollouts.Putting the Last Mile first Too often, BI teams are not prioritizing the high value and importance of the critical “Last Mile” of the customer journey first to drive incremental wins; and this has led to limited measurable business results or ROI. That last mile may seem like a final short step in the journey, but it is where your customer’s needs, lifestyles, preferences, pain points, profitability, and enhanced data are identified; and then used to build highly personalized, relevant, timely, tailored solutions with simplified experiences. And, it may be the single biggest challenge of digital transformation journeys to deliver substantial performance results.McKinsey recently identified nine key drivers of company data analytics project success that rolled into three main buckets:Aligning on strategyBuilding the right foundation of data, technologies and peopleConquering the “last mile” by embedding analytics into decision making and analytics-driven processes.Perhaps most importantly, McKinsey found that 90% of organizations that are successful in their analytics journey focus over half their funding and resources into bridging the “Last Mile.”For an industry focused on putting customers first, consumer’s needs, motivations, and experiences often got tackled late or even last. Customers were far from the #1 priority for measuring success in the digital transformation process.The right teams (i.e. sales, marketing, call center leaders) were not always engaged early to help organizations realize the profound cultural shifts and new digital skills that would be required to pivot toward analytics-led decision making, customer experience design thinking, and building out last mile personalized, frictionless journeys. Financial institutions failed to maximize their customer relationship data first to improve experiences, increase leads, and accelerate relationship building; instead pushing those priorities to the end of the road map.The biggest cost was not in failed data system investments, but in lost relationship opportunitiesIn an industry where a new customer averages between $200 and $1,000 each, and the average annual churn rate is 15%, churn is a massive blow to earnings and profit. It also results in increased expenses from unengaged, single-service relationships that keep walking out the back door – or sometimes worse, stay and drain profits. The opportunity cost of not managing every step of the customer journey from automated onboarding; segmentation modeling to meet lifestyle needs; and developing effective automated reboarding journeys is staggering.Despite the cost to acquire a new customer being 5X more expensive than keeping an existing one, only 18% of companies focus on retention above acquisition. Not blocking the back door to lost relationships with enhanced user experiences and product targeting is wasting resources, increasing marketing and servicing costs, and stifling customer satisfaction – which result in lower NPS scores and bad ratings.But leaders who did get the last mile right are now helping their customers make smarter, timely, and simpler financial decisions across multiple digital and traditional channels, and reaping the results in revenue, leads, and relationship growth with measurably higher engagement. And, then leveraging those insights back into machine learning insights with algorithms to identify predictive triggers that continuously improve to create more intuitive user journeys. A virtuous cycle.A national study by Seigel + Gale of high performing brands who simplified relationship building, found that consumers were willing to pay an average of 55% more for simpler experiences, and were 64% more likely to recommend a brand if the experience was easier. The 2020 pandemic and resulting work at home reality is likely to accelerate this digital trend as consumers shift towards easier, intuitive experiences built on AI insights that look a lot more like Amazon than JCPenney.Continued product pushing, or analytics-led journeysSo, what can C-Suite leaders and marketers do today to prioritize and deepen their understanding of their customers’ needs, lifestyle, financial challenges and burning priorities? How can you design, automate and optimize smarter, more personalized solutions, win increased engagement and enhance revenue opportunities from analytics?Successful digital transformation will come down to a choice between improving people’s journey to financial health with advanced analytics, machine learning tools, triggers and automation, and measurable ROI – or remaining stuck in slow, manual workflow processes that are virtually unmeasurable and unable to move the bar of retention and growth. The systematic legacy problems of unlinked data systems, rate-focused emails, and traditional low-rate product marketing campaigns, will continue to result in high churn rates and expensive marketing budgets that can’t be tracked for ROI, let alone deliver digital metrics and conversions of new relationships across channels.With mounting pressure from consumers in 2020 to simplify and personalize their online experiences, a crossroads has been reached where traditional “product pushing” as a stand-alone business strategy is giving way to addressing each individuals’ unique life needs, financial challenges and preferences through leveraging data and automation into rich, hyper-personalized journeys. These are the real time experiences consumers have come to treasure and expect from Amazon, Netflix, Digit, and others improving their journey and winning their brand loyalty and trust.Time to shift your focus to prioritize your customers’ needs and experiences first Financial leaders will have to work hard to build an analytics mindset and establish enterprise-wide priorities for innovation to succeed. It will require determining the best use of people, data, processes, technology – and even trusted partners to adapt and improve business performance and advance their customer experiences.Re-aligning dated traditional operational work flows that result in high churn rates is critical. The shift towards using the wealth of data at hand to pinpoint each customers’ unique situation, needs and challenges and providing value-based guidance and advice is an important shift.Using intelligent data analytics, savvy lifestyle segmentation and Persona models, propensity triggers and BI insights, leaders can build customer insights from the data to help personalize and deliver exactly the right contextual solution, at exactly the right time, and in the right channel. While that sounds challenging, it’s really getting back to the fundamentals of building relationships with people who trust your guidance.A recent McKinsey study on digitizing the consumer decision journey notes that leveraging data analytics to make smarter marketing decisions can increase marketing productivity by 15-20%. If your annual marketing budget is $500,000 to $1 million, it’s not hard to calculate how $100,000 to $200,000 of increased marketing and digital spending value can generate huge increased results in new relationships and profitable product revenues.The return on investment of customer-first, cloud-based Business Intelligence analytics journeys, linked to smart marketing automation tools and omni-channel content will drive significant return to an organization’s bottom-line performance and growth. But most importantly it will allow financial brands to compete and win at exceeding their customers expectations for simpler, more personalized experiences.Happy customers seeing their financial lives improving turn into deeper relationships, valued referrals and ratings, increasing trust and brand esteem. In the battle to build competitive relevance, increasingly being fought in a digital context, prioritizing your customers lives over operations should always win.Amidst the turmoil and uncertainty of a pandemic-driven recessionary marketplace, few financial leaders can afford to not focus resources right now on improving relationships and increasing retention rates with their own customers first. Reducing time-to-market from years to months for applying intelligent analytics will be a game changer. And, exploring the next generation of integrated marketing technology and BI platforms is the first step to ensuring the odds of success in your data transformation journey ahead.Strum is a leading national financial services strategic marketing, brand and analytics agency providing savvy brand strategies, creative and consumer brand insights and campaigns to improve competitive differentiation and enhance growth and performance. Strum Platform™ is a fintech AI solution for intelligent relationship building, giving financial leaders 360º actionable visualized analytics and daily strategic insights to make faster, smarter business decisions that amplify growth results, improve and personalize user experiences that increase growth.last_img read more

The state sells real estate in its ownership

first_imgThe Ministry of State Property announced the sale of real estate in its ownership, which has remained unused so far, but, as the Minister of State Property, Goran Maric, explained, by the end of the year from the sale of 44 properties, the state could receive 1,4 billion kuna in the state budget.Those interested in buying have more time because the public tender is open until September 1 at 14 pm and all real estate is sold in its current state according to the “seen-bought” principle. Minister Marić is convinced that he will be able to sell state-owned real estate and earn 1,4 billion kuna, so he stated in the central daily of HRT that the Ministry “has already made 400 million kuna, although it is currently between 300 and 400 million,” but we still can’t talk about which companies we are talking about ”.Among state-owned real estate offered for sale, the most expensive is the one in the cadastral municipality of Kostrena Lucija with a starting price of HRK 22,8 million, for which the bidder must pay a guarantee of more than HRK 14 million. These are devastated facilities and playgrounds with an area of ​​over XNUMX thousand square meters, which could be put into operation by reconstruction, especially for activities in tourism.In the cadastral municipality of Pula, the state is selling arable land with an area of ​​over 22 thousand square meters and worth a little more than 20 million kuna. There are several other properties on offer that might interest those intending to invest money and create new tourist values. Like the one in Pula at a price of 213 thousand, on Murter of 158 thousand, in Sveti Vital near Pula of 917 square meters for 346 thousand kuna, in Oprič near Rijeka almost 600 square meters for a little over a million kuna. Someone will be interested in barren land in Kukuljanovo near Rijeka with an area of ​​almost 16 thousand square meters for a little less than 5 million kuna, 1 square meters on the island of Zlarin for 460 million kuna or 1,1 square meters in Mandalina near Sibenik for 8 million kuna .See more about the Public Invitation for the Purchase of Real Estate Owned by the Republic of Croatia herelast_img read more

Yogyakarta woman creates ‘transparent mask’ to help the deaf communicate in time of coronavirus

first_imgCOVID-19 has changed the way people interact with one another, especially with the physical distancing measures in place. It has made basic everyday interactions difficult for most people, including for the deaf community who regularly rely on subtle facial cues to communicate with others.As more people make a habit out of wearing masks to protect themselves from the contagious virus, communication increasingly becomes a challenge for the deaf community. The problem is masks cover the mouth and the nose area, obscuring visual signs that are otherwise essential for deaf people communicating with others.Fully cognizant of the issue, Dwi Rahayu Februarti has taken it upon herself to come up with a transparent mask design that aims to make communication a little easier for deaf people during the current health crisis. Dwi, who is head of the local chapter of the Movement for Indonesian Deaf People’s Welfare (Gerkatin), said her design for a transparent facemask was inspired by a similar idea shared by National Commission on Violence against Women (Komnas Perempuan) official Bahrul Fuad on Facebook.Her mask design, which replaces the middle section with transparent plastic, is expected to help deaf people to communicate more naturally as it allows them to lip-read.The current design has been constantly improved upon feedback from fellow deaf people in her community. The transparent part of the mask, for instance, has been slightly curved to leave ample breathing room for its user, she said.She went on to say that making a transparent mask was more challenging than producing its conventional counterpart, as one must ensure that the transparent section is precisely aligned to show the mouth of the wearer.Although Dwi has yet to establish any production targets, she said the demand for the transparent mask was high. She hoped that the design would gain mainstream adoption.“I plan to record a video on how to produce the transparent mask so that other members of Gerkatin may be able to make their own masks,” Dwi said, adding that her masks had been positively received by the local deaf community. Topics :center_img The 41-year-old resident of Sinduadi village, Mlati district in Sleman regency in Yogyakarta said the need for masks that allowed others to see lip movements had become increasingly urgent.“It’s especially worrying since [conventional masks] limit our ability to communicate,” Dwi told The Jakarta Post on Monday. “We often face difficulties speaking with doctors because they also wear conventional masks.”As of Monday afternoon, Yogyakarta had recorded at least 57 confirmed COVID-19 cases with seven deaths linked to the disease, out of the nationwide official tally of 4,557 infections and 399 fatalities.Read also: COVID-19 news is not all bad. Read this to stay positivelast_img read more

Coney Island to focus on water park

first_imgCincinnati, OH—Coney Island will be removing all of its amusement park rides to shift its focus into enhancing its water park experience for guests.On Monday, Coney Island officials announced that they will now focus on enhancing its water park area, which they said is what a majority of guests come to the park to enjoy.Officials said in recent years, the park has split its resources and attention between its rides and its Sunlite Water Adventure area. They said by doing this, man-hours and money that could be invested in both were limited. Going forward, the park will be kicking off a multiphase renovation to enhance its water park.The last day for guests to enjoy the amusement park rides before the rides are removed is Sept. 21 at the annual Fire Up the Night event.last_img

Indiana to offer Psychological First Aid training in response to COVID-19 epidemic

first_imgStatewide—The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, in partnership with the American Red Cross Indiana, announced today a series of trainings in Psychological First Aid for Hoosier health care and social services professionals. Psychological First Aid is an approach to helping people who have been exposed to a disaster or traumatic event, in this case the COVID-19 pandemic. Beginning next week, the Red Cross will offer two virtual, instructor-led for health care professionals, social services professionals and the like who may be able to help administer Psychological First Aid should they encounter Hoosiers experiencing distress or needing help coping.“Being a health care professional is a calling, and now is our time to rise to that calling,” said Jennifer Sullivan, M.D., M.P.H., FSSA secretary. “In this time of enhanced anxiety and uncertainty, we want to do all we can to equip health and wellness professionals with effective tools to support the mental well-being of Hoosiers. Psychological First Aid is a tried-and-true approach to reducing the emotional effects caused by traumatic events, so that Hoosiers have the best chance of maintaining normalcy.”The Red Cross and FSSA are making two opportunities available for professionals to participate in this virtual training. To register for one of the trainings, click the link on the preferred date below to register. Only the first 30 registrants will be accepted for each training session.Tuesday, March 24, 2020, 1 – 4 p.m. EDTTuesday, April 7, 2020, 1 – 4 p.m. EDT“We know that both medical and mental health providers are likely to encounter individuals who are experiencing various levels of emotional distress about the outbreak and its impact on them, their families and communities,” said Jay Chaudhary, director of the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction. “Providers should know how best to acknowledge the uncertainty people feel about emerging diseases and help Hoosiers understand that there is an emotional component to potential health concerns. This Psychological First Aid training is designed to help in this effort.”DMHA also recommends that Hoosiers feeling distress or anxiety due to the pandemic call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Disaster Distress Helpline at 800-985-5990. This hotline provides live crisis counseling and is toll-free, multi-lingual and confidential. A text option is also available: Text “TalkWithUs” to 66746 to connect with a trained crisis counselor.last_img read more

Routledge backs Hudds for England

first_img Press Association Swansea playmaker Routledge, who is in a rich vein of form and has many admirers of his own, is set to line up against Hull star Huddlestone in Saturday’s Barclays Premier League clash at the KC Stadium. Huddlestone has not featured under England boss Roy Hodgson since he was selected in the squad for a friendly against Sweden 17 months ago, suggesting his hopes of making the flight for Brazil this summer are remote. He had been part of Fabio Capello’s preliminary 2010 England World Cup group, but then failed to make the final 23-man cut and was not called upon by Capello’s successor Hodgson until November 2012. “Tom is one of the most under-rated players in the league. I have never seen anyone do what he can do with both feet with a football,” former England Under-21 international Routledge said. “Jake (Livermore) complements him well, as Hudds has the vision and he can play the pass, and Jake does a lot of his work. It’s a good pairing and they have done well. “I am sure he (Huddlestone) was appreciated at Tottenham, but it gets to a time in everyone’s career that you want to play games, and if you are not playing the games then why are you playing football? “He made a decision to go to Hull. He has had a good season so far, and I am sure he will continue with it.” Asked if Huddlestone should go to the World Cup, Routledge added: “For me, yes, but I am not the manager of England. “They pick their team how they pick it, but he has got the talent and ability to be around that squad. There is no question of that in my mind.” Former Crystal Palace, QPR and Newcastle midfielder Routledge’s influence on the Swans, meanwhile, has been hailed by Garry Monk ahead of the trip to Hull amid suggestions that the 29-year-old should be in Hodgson’s World Cup picture. Wayne Routledge believes his former Tottenham team-mate Tom Huddlestone should be firmly in the mix for England World Cup selection. “Every single week, his effort has been massive. He has played near enough every minute of every game, and he has got himself a few goals,” Swansea head coach Monk said. “For me, and I have known him for a long time, it is probably one of his best periods in professional football. It is really good to see. “He (Routledge) can only perform how he performs. They are all different players. There is no wrong or right player. At the end of the day, it’s whatever the manager of that national team wants. “I could say Wayne is better than him, or him, but if the manager is looking for a different type of player it’s his opinion that counts. “If he thinks (Adam) Lallana is better than Wayne, he has the right to choose that. I think Lallana is a very good player, to be honest with you. They are different types of players, but it depends on what you want from your team.” Swansea will tackle Hull with Monk singing the praises of one player who looks certain to be in Brazil – striker Wilfried Bony. The Ivory Coast international has scored 20 goals in all competitions for Swansea this season, with Bony’s performances during recent months afforded added credence given his responsibility for leading the line in fellow striker Michu’s three-month injury absence. And after making such an impression during his first full season of English football, Monk has conceded that Bony could become a target for other clubs. “It may be that there is interest, but you could say that about players in every team,” Monk added. “We want him as part of our future. We want to build a team around him and players like him, and the good thing is that we are not a selling club. “We want as many of our players to go to the World Cup as possible. I hope Wilf goes out there, does really well and then comes back here full of confidence.” last_img read more

Mother shot and killed while teaching son how to drive

first_imgOfficials in Wisconsin say a mother was shot and killed by another driver while she was teaching her teenage son how to drive.The incident was reported, last Friday in the afternoon.Authorities say Tracey Smith was the passenger in the vehicle teaching her son how to drive as they made their way to a Milwaukee clothing store.During the drive, the teen prepared to turn left from the left lane when a man in a gold van cut in front of their car from the wrong lane and caused the teen to collide with the driver’s side of the van.Smith then reportedly got out of the car to check the damage and began yelling at the driver, according to her son.The driver of the van the yelled “B****, I’ll kill you,”  before pulling out a gun and shooting Smith.The suspect then made a U-turn and fled the scene. Witnesses then helped Smith into her vehicle and her son drove her to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.The Milwaukee police was able to track down the suspect after find his license plate on video. The teen then identified the suspect,  Matthew Lee Wilks.Wilks has since been taken into custody and charged with first-degree intentional homicide and possession of a firearm by a felon.last_img read more

Cricket News THIS Australian woman cricketer smashes a new world record in Twenty20 Internationals

first_img New Delhi: Meg Lanning, the Australian women’s cricket team captain, is considered one of the most prolific limited-overs players in the team. The 27-year-old has smashed 12 centuries, the most by any woman cricketer while in Twenty20 Internationals, she held the record for the highest individual score in the format when she smashed 126 against Ireland Women in the 2014 World T20. Recently, Netherlands player Sterre Kalis smashed 126* for Netherlands women against Germany Women to overtake Lanning’s record. However, Lanning reclaimed the record in grand style as records were broken in the Twenty20 International between England and Australia at Chelmsford. In a brilliant display of hitting, Lanning smashed 133 and the knock included 17 fours and seven sixes as Australia reached 226/3, the fifth-highest score in Twenty20 Internationals by a team.Lanning was in fine form and shared a 134-run stand with Beth Mooney and a 66-run stand with Ashleigh Gardner as Australia notched up a mammoth total. Her knock once again made her the highest individual scorer in Twenty20 Internationals. Her tally of seven sixes is the fourth-best by a batter, behind West Indies duo Deandra Dottin and Hayley Mathews’ tally of nine sixes followed by India’s Harmanpreet Kaur who smashed eight sixes during her century against New Zealand in the ICC World T20 clash in 2018 in Guyana.Also Read | Cricketer suffers flu, nausea in Women’s Big Bash League final but still helps side to the titleIn response, England was blown away by a sensational spell of bowling from Megan Schutt as she picked up 3/25 and 2/11 from Ellyse Perry as Australia registered a commanding 93-run win to continue their Ashes domination which saw them sweep the ODI series 3-0 and draw the one-off Test match to regain the Urn.Also Read | Women’s Big Bash League: Brisbane Heat end Sydney dominance, beat Sixers in tense finalHere is a summary of records broken in the match at Chelmsford 133* – The highest individual score by a woman player in Twenty20 Internationals and it is held by Meg Lanning. Lanning had held the previous record of 126 before it was broken by Sterre Kalis.93 – The biggest margin of defeat for England in Twenty20 Internationals. Needing 227, England ended up on 133/9. Their previous biggest loss was 57 runs against Australia in Mumbai 2018.7 – The fourth highest tally of sixes in an innings by Lanning. Deandra Dottin and Hayley Mathews smashed nine sixes while Harmanpreet Kaur hit eight sixes against New Zealand. 226/3 – The fifth-highest score by a team in Twenty20 Internationals. Uganda women smashed 314/2 against Mali Women in Rwanda while Tanzania women smashed 285/1 against the same opposition. England hit 250/3 against South Africa while Rwanda hammered 246 against Mali. For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. highlightscenter_img Meg Lanning had held the previous record for highest individual score in T20s in 2014.Lanning blasted 133*, which is the highest score by a player in the format.Australia handed England their biggest loss in Twenty20s.last_img read more

Kenyans win Guyana leg of South American 10K Road Race

first_img-Missinger finishes second after gruelling battleBy Faizool DeoKENYAN runners Alex Ekesa and Veronica Jepkosgei were able to march through a large field of local and several international athletes in the scorching afternoon sun to win the male and female divisions of the Guyana leg in the South American 10K Road Race yesterday afternoon in Georgetown.A battle between first-leg winner Winston Missinger (Guyana) and Ekesa highlighted the race, which moved off from the GTT Earth Station on Carifesta Avenue, proceeded east to the University of Guyana junction before the runners headed west back up the Rupert Craig Highway, into Vlissengen Road and turned into Thomas Road for a finish in the National Park.Kenyan Veronica Jepkosgei was the first female across the line.Ekesa, who will celebrate his 40th birthday in the coming weeks, paced the race from start to finish. Cleveland Thomas (second in the first leg) and GDF’s Tyshon Bentinck attempted to stay with the Kenyan in front early but soon the leading pack was trimmed.Guyanese Nathaniel Giddings then took the lead with Ekesa, while several runners stayed just behind, including Missinger, who was comfortable in the middle of the first pack with Jonathan Fagundes (third in the first leg), Trinidadians Matthew Hagley and Shirvan Baboolal and St. Vincent and the Grenadines Junior Ashton.By the turn at the UG’s junction, the runners were separated and the battle between Ekesa and Missinger began. Giddings attempted to stay with the pack and for some time, he was third, but then the Trinidadian pair caught him.Baboolal, who fell at the junction, was able to recover well and soon it was the Trinidadians who were battling for third. Although Hagley attempted to reach the leaders, Ekesa and Missinger were too fast.Missinger, who later said that he was looking to keep up with the Kenyan until the final 800M so that he could sprint to the finish line, was able to partially execute his plan.The visiting runner was too strong and just before the 8K mark, he broke free of the Guyanese.Missinger’s finishing pace was obvious in the end, but he could not catch the Kenyan. According to the official timings, Ekesa finished in 32 minutes and 43 seconds, while second place Missinger finished in 32 minutes and 57 seconds.Trinidadians Hagley and Baboolal crossed the line third and fourth respectively, while Ashton finished fifth.Jepkosgei, who finished 13th overall, beat off the other females in the race. She finished ahead of St Vincent’s Linda Mc Dowall and Guyanese Abidemi Charles.Since Ekesa did not take part in the first leg of the 10K, Missinger is still in the lead of the three-leg competition.He is hoping to take part in the final leg, which is slated for Panama.last_img read more